Monday, June 25, 2018

Letter to (Y)our President

Hello Divine readers! I know it's been a hiatus, and not for a lack of unexposed truth and enlightenment to be told. That is not the basis of this article, though, and I will not begin to explain that story now. I will eventually update my bio and if you're interested you can read there.Regarding this topic, I will prelude with where you are and from where this piece’s motivation derives. 

           Divine America has always attempted to expose the violations of humanity that are

destructive to our inherent future--that is, the generations to come. Our foundations for discussion at Divine America also recognizes in that violations occur on all sides of all peoples’ coins. As such, there's no recognition within the Divine America of law and governance, you could say, a bit anarchy. There is only respect for natural law, compassion, and blunt freedom (though, I do try to keep my terms of a PG rating, F-bombs are very prominent in the discussion of freedom). That said—Divine America does not seek to align itself with compliance to man-made laws, and further, selecting a “leader” out of a pool of secret society sinisters. There is no support to be found here for the henchman of the state who enforce the mafia-style tactics of extortionist governments. There will be no censorship to protect you from the offenses of my two cents, and my two cents shall be unmerciful. What that means is you're likely be offended at some point here, no matter what side of any coin you fall on. Freedom does not concern itself with sensitivity, just as peace does not find itself without weapons. Words are our weapons which cannot be taken effortlessly (for now).

Status tends to determine how impacting those words can be, as we've seen in so many presidencies already. That is what we are here to expose. That is why the following is dictated to (Y)our President. No part was taken, or written, to acknowledge the running candidates, or to sway readers as a means of demonstrating our favor towards one side over the other. We have identified actions of the candidates that exemplify condemnation and prohibition of freedom, a task in which more worldly leaders are interested than we care to acknowledge. However, if the rest of the country wants to participate in the illusive games put on for them by the elected leaders, then so be it...knock yourselves out. I’m just going to quietly write about it, as is my freedom to do so. Now, let's get to the meat and potatoes of a Letter to (Y)our President…

Dear Mr. Trump,
I have remained an observer throughout the progression of your role as president. From candidate to elect, you certainly reached the hearts and minds of many. Some would even go so far as to credit you the answer to their prayers and a messiah of sorts. Considering how many said the same of Mr. Obama, I’m sure that does not impress you to know. After all, who was really impressed with any of Obama’s accomplishments? Those who were are questionably still free to expand their misguided views of what is good and right for America. Like the remaining chip that brought the Terminator back, Obamanites are with us now and forever, threatening to reign down a plague of new age communism shrouded in rainbows and leather and screaming about equality for the emerging 23 sexes they’re questioning themselves to be.
Mr. Trump, your own zombies are no better, and (although criticism is steadily amassing against) you are of the status influential enough to have steered that herd in a direction that has not made America great... at all (not that it ever was, despite what the slogan implies). America has never been great for everyone. She could be. There are certainly examples throughout the few hundred years of her existence in which multitudes of the cultures that make up our country have found common ground in our coexistence and made life rewarding to explore. To say, though, that we have ever been great enough to take our nation back to a time in which you feel it was would be immensely limiting to our potential as a growing leader among nations. Unfortunately to the globe, we stand poised like a pit bull ready for a fight. While I dislike using such a reference as I have an affection for the poorly reputed pups, it's fitting, because much like the behaviors of an angry pit bull, it's directly influenced by poor upbringing. Poor 'Merica here was raised on blood shed, tears, and deceit. 

But America is still young when compared to other countries across the globe, and currently we are the spitting image of the spoiled only-child of rich folks. It’s not just the snowflakes crying over every little thing that offends them, or the self-absorbed capitalists and republicans (who are so far out of touch with the citizens it's amazing they took office). It’s the lack of compassion our country has been able to discover since inception that prohibits us from becoming the truly great America we were meant to be. Like a plague, this cruel nature has been adopted by the majority of Americans. To have compassion does not mean to let the world walk all over us. It means to have the world respect our nation and take example from us to make their own country better. It is unfathomable to comprehend how we are so many “leaders” into the growth of America, and we have yet to realize the secret sauce to inspiring our nation and the world.

You are clearly a person of great influence--that is obvious. I would dare you to acknowledge, though, that your current influence will not contribute to Greater America. There have been great strides in developing Global Peace--let's not discredit that; but it pleads to know how vested you truly are in peace, when the attitude towards our nearest neighbors is “stay out or else!” The backlash of certain images has thankfully put a halt on separating families, which is what inspired this letter. Unfortunately, the damages are done to those who have already endured so much. Actions such as these beg to question if we all truly understand the founding of this nation, and if so, why we have not progressed from our poor tactics in immigration matters.

I would jest that the Great Wall of China was not exactly built under optimal conditions or funding, and they got it done; but quite frankly, isn’t it about time that we stop acting like this earth is ours to encapsulate in imaginary borders and lines of ownership. What’s more perplexing is why we have not one-upped the Great Wall with a Great Opportunity. Supposing it’s because we have fixated on keeping our southern friends out, we will never come to resolve that pesky border situation, because clearly, they want in.
            In acknowledging that our existence on this floating (very round) rock is one shared together, despite what we think are our differences; we might begin to see a vision similar in nobility to that of Martin Luther King’s (except in which people are not barred by territorial walls--physical or imagined). The Earth was not made so vast in order to prohibit her creatures from exploring it, but to encourage the migration of inhabitants to gain experiences. Sorrowfully, the travels of some are inspired by negative circumstances; something in which most Americans do not have a fresh take. Divine America is not oblivious to this fact.

            Instead of becoming a true answer to the prayers of people, and a nation to be respected, we find further ways to indignify them and embarrass ourselves. Of course, it makes sense to know and identify the people coming into the country (and more specifically, what they may be carrying into the country with them) as a means of “keeping our country safe” (this is what compromise looks like). What does not seem so compromising is the lack of finally establishing a permanent solution to the flux of incoming people at our southern border. Supposing on this side of the border, we’ve forgotten that we are dealing with people. It has been a time since any native-born Americans have had to endure the kind of hardships that would force them to flee their country. Sure, the Trump-testers with their public squalling would have outsiders believe otherwise, but the reality is that most Americans have it cushy enough not to want to leave the country (even over an undesirable in the white house, but I think it's safe to say we have all experienced that).
            In the effort of world peace, one would think “leaders” by now would recognize the importance of not closing doors per se. In fact, why have we not tried building doors?

There’s a claim that many Americans are in need of work. Great! Sounds like there’s an opportunity for building housing facilities along the borders for accommodating large numbers of displaced people. Sounds like there is an opportunity for processors, data entry specialists, analysts, and educators to begin processing the people coming in. Whether it takes a year, or ten, these facilities should be a self-maintained community, equipped to assist these families in finding their place appropriately within our country, as well as to funnel out the threats.

Naturally, extending opportunities to those with a mutual interest in progressively changing their lives and the lives of their children, will result in a eagerness to cooperate with our processes and even adopt some of our American traditions. More so, our borders become more protected, and resourceful to our entire country as the inhabitants can secure and farm the land, contributing in many ways to our economic growth, and international relations.

Such work-entry compromises would satisfy all parties, yet America acts like this is alien education. Unlike the snowflakes who arrive to the table with all-whining complaints and no real solutions, Divine America does not pretend the world is all puppies and kittens, and we come with real solutions. Such a feat is not as simple as waving a magic wand, except for you with a magic pen. Clearly, you are a smart man, but I fear not at all in touch with compassion for people. You have the ability to make peace through force, but you have yet to realize the solutions to the issues at the border. Perhaps it’s because like most, you are not seeing the real issue. This world is so small. As such, one would imagine the common goal of any leader upon her to be that of good-for-all. We are all susceptible to the same tragedies. Eventually, there will be one that comes to remind us the Earth was never ours to claim or conquer, and that we are merely a guest upon her. Just as any other inhabitant before us, we can fall at her whim. 

Divine America                                  

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