Monday, January 4, 2016

On the Thread of Liberty: The Real Team America Stands

The Thread by which the constitution hangs is threatened more and more every day.  As politicians, left-wing liberals, and tyrannical Presidents contract behind closed doors to pass bills diminishing the rights of citizens and thwarting the ability to protect themselves, it is not a far stretch of any imagination the truth behind the plot of our very own government. Coupled with their the expanding interest in supporting “radical Muslim” actions and moving Syrian “refugees” into our nation, it’s even less of a stretch to say the elected leaders of America are siding up for something— and it’s not the American side they’ve chosen.

Unfortunately, the resolve of the American populace in response to these actions has fallen on deaf ears. In fact, despite growing effort of the awakening citizens and outcries for change across social media, the words have made no impact. The marches and protests have all failed to do what they set out to accomplish. It has consistently, and perhaps by design, been the action of proud patriots that has provided the greatest impact. Among the greatest victories of the modern patriot movement in which actions have proven to be the only effective means of response was during the Bundy Ranch standoff. The event saw true patriots come together in support of a common goal: keeping the government at bay and under control of the people as it was always intended to be.

However and since then, the people of our once great nation have fallen back into a slumber— one in which griping on social media has sufficed a stand in the minds of would-be patriots crying for someone to do something. Now, we stand here again on the brink of a standoff with the same entities attempting to starve Americans of their rights and rape them of their property. While some have risen to accept the duty of keeping the factions of the government at bay, many among the Patriot movement have elected to withhold support. Worse, they have gone as far as to demonize the group of citizens who have placed themselves in the line of fire for a fellow American;  claiming the tactics to be equally as terroristic as those which brought our country to its current state of weakness and divide.
Deemed The Real Team America, a select group of leaders: Ryan Payne, Blaine Cooper, Jason Patrick, and Jon Ritzheimer, have occupied Malhuer Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon— a property owned by the people and for the people, yet failing to uphold its respective place in honoring the rights of the people it was intended to protect. Rather, this distinct group of the country’s BLM henchmen have once again made the move to push people from the property in an effort to expand their own interests. In these interests the Hammonds of Harmon County have been victimized by our government-- dragged through rigorous torturers for an accident that left 139 acres of burn region burned and snuffed out by the creators. Essentially a self-serving incident that saved the BLM time and money while supplying them with leverage to force the family from their lands.

The boots of The Real Team America stepped up in defense of the Hammond family. They did something that had been begged for by thousands of awakened minds. Though their actions have been painted and misconstrued in the most violent of pictures, the truth is they simply walked into an empty and unlocked building, and stayed. Not exactly the grand relay the public received from left-wing media. Yet as we face the potential of another Bundy Ranch standoff, we have to ask where the Patriots stand. The Real Team America stands on the threshold of liberty, dangerously close to breaking the final threads holding our
Constitution together, but not by their doing. Instead it will be at the first shot of the henchmen and the would-be three percenters failure in supporting the very action they cried for. That leaves us at this, Patriots: on the grounds of liberty, where do you stand? If you believe this to be of little to no consequence you, allow me to propose this: whether you own property or not, the government has its hand in all of your transactions. They stand in line right above the banks. Do you truly believe that there will never come a time when the government wants what’s yours and will send its henchmen to take it from you? If you really believe it will never happen, by all means keep griping on social media— because words are really powerful.  Or you can realize now, that the threat of martial law is not even feasible, and would serve the government no leg to stand on against the citizens. You can realize now, that it doesn’t benefit the BLM, DHS, or the FBI to turn the Malhuer Wildlife center into the Ruby Ridge or Waco Texas that everyone believes it will be.  Rather, it’s time to stand up and recognize the power you hold as a citizen of America to rise against tyranny and redress your grievances.  We the People are the strength of this nation. But we only stand that way when we stand