Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Where Liberty Stands: When Enough is Enough

What does liberty stand for in a time when the defining symbols of the word have been leveraged for a sense of presumed “tolerance” and security; distorted by politicians for a vote; and commercialized by the very companies supporting all sides of war, hierarchies, and control? What is liberty but a word whose meaning has been contorted over the centuries of misplaced anger and dependence-stricken societies to mean anything but what it once stood for? As a tool it has been used to inspire events such as the burning times, and synonymously with the concepts of terrorism.

Is terrorism the look of liberty to those who’ve never set a foot out of their comfort zone to stand for something they believe in? Regrettably, it is the charge of freedom to demand a people face these ridicules if they wish to live unmastered by an overextended government. Though we would identify as anything, but terrorists; the truth of our story will not be discovered until long after our passing and after years of demonization by those who control the masses. Our story will be told by people who are labeled conspiracy theorists, non-conformists, and tin-foil hat wearers. People like our good friend “Martin”- whose resolve has left
him behind bars; confined to house confinement for a year following his sentence; and extensively extorted for good measure – suffer for our incompetence in seeing a problem with being locked away for driving without the proper state-approved permission slips on your vehicle. People like yours truly, who one day forgot to take their daily dose of compliance elixir before being accosted by Atlanta’s finest, simply for taking too long to load at the airport. The people who’ve simply decided they’ve had enough bending to the rule of the state for the sake of keeping order and generating revenue for a corrupt system.

The truth is We never win. Too many – even amidst the wolves – fail to see the honor in our effort, because they are still compelled to cling to the rule of man, for a false sense of security that will never be theirs, lest they become willing to take it with their own hands, and at the risk of their own flesh and blood. This level of awareness is rare, but growing, as it requires a way of thinking that expounds beyond the confining rationale of human thought and etiquette to accept that which it cannot fathom as a possibility without trapping the seeker to believing firmly one way or another. So damning are the anti-qualities of these ideals, because they serve only one purpose: fueling fear – through which arises anger and hatred.

Many will look upon these individuals in detest, cursing their actions as senseless, and even anarchist. First, it’s necessary to acknowledge that not all of these instances involving defiance against the state are part of an elaborate move to make asses out of police or civilians. Equivocally, we can concede that some are indeed poor cries for attention. Regardless, the ones that hold a firm ground in truth and reality ought to serve – even to the newly awakening mind – as a tool of learning and growth; whether it be what to do or what not to do. As liberty’s call waits for no one to be ready, no one can simply say they will never be in a position to take such a stand. This comes from experience, as once upon a time – and even as the writer for such events – I never suspected I would be the one defying the overstepping of law up close and personal. It was clear to me that I had people for that, and I was just the writer. But as my mentors in freedom have discovered for themselves and as I did for myself, you don’t get to pick your battle. The battle picks you. Unfortunately, that’s something that you will likely never understand, until it happens to you. Hopefully whatever straw breaks your back, and demands your action will not see you dragged across the coal. While my own consequences have yet to be decided, our dear friend has already undergone tremendous tortures for his actions. Daniel Crumpton put it eloquently, but here’s my summary of his words: If you’re not prepared to accept the burden of the consequences, it’s safer to avoid committing the stand. Some battles come with little fines and community service. Other opportunities mean prison time. Your willingness to tangle with those real serious consequences should ultimately affect your actions.

 “When citizens stop complying with laws, the legitimacy of government comes into question, especially in nondemocratic states -- or so goes a prominent strand of political thinking. But what if citizens are doing something subtler, such as disobeying in order to enact smaller, more incremental changes?”

In the meantime, others condemn individuals of such rebellious behaviors as terrorists, non-conformists, extremists, anarchists, witches… So readily we commit them to the charges that come with these labels simple because we do not understand the point they are trying to make. For the most part, humans enjoy law and order (not just the hit TV show either). They take comfort in the knowledge that someone can always be held accountable. This kind of thinking leads to the exact mess we are in today. Sadly, not many have experienced their final straw, their breaking point, or their “liberty-calling.” Many more never will. Doomed are we who see a future un-ruled by dictators with armies and henchmen, but rather, communities of people doing what people ought to do for one another; because we are before our time – we are the betas.

Until more are faced with their enough-is-enough circumstance, and liberty - in all her glory - is sitting on their shoulder whispering that it’s time to say “no;” the few of us who have stood and will continue to do so will be found locked away for later burning at the stake. That’s where Liberty stands.

The time is quickly approaching where people in mass will be faced with Liberty’s calling, demanding them to fight or comply. The question is: when your label alone condemns you to the flame – will you go peacefully, or taking as many down with you?  Eventually this movement will call for patriots to stop convicting one another and start showing compassion even for the positions we may not fully comprehend. In going forward, I can only hope that when your personal calling to fight presents itself, you respond with grace and refined sense; and remember patriots – freedom responsibly.

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