Saturday, June 6, 2015

Amidst Brewing Division, America Intends to Vote. Again.

With curiosity spanning across the nation regarding military training practices, U.S. debt on the rise, and friendships with Cuba restored; the 2016 elections are shaping up to be chock full of irrelevant fluff, as usual. But, what difference does it make? Hillary Clinton is on the ballot with a promise of a “New Adventure” and a “New Chapter,” which sounds neither promising or like an adventure America wants to take. Not that we are tired of the flip-flop promises delivered by politicians to land their seat, but selecting a President that will do the job right is about as challenging as finding the right woman. Unlike politicians, how to attract women comes in a handy guide. Politicians come with dirt—literally and figuratively.

The years leading up to the next election have certainly provided an eye-opening experience for most Americans (as is proven by the positively-named Presidential Approval rating sitting below 50 percent). All these eyes are now focused on the mudslinging debates in hopes of selecting the next potential hope for the U.S. Fortunately, with real issues like education and unemployment on the backburner, Americans can continue to divide themselves over concerning pushes for gun control, immigration, global warming, and abortion.

Luckily, plenty of candidates are running for each party; but Donald Trump’s presence on the Republican card certainly trumps the playing field—with curiosity. With his exemplary skills showcased in his hit reality show - The Apprentice, Trump’s familiarity with a large voting populace may prove to the Republican advantage. Hopefully, however, he has deep enough pockets to keep the rumor mill at bay; otherwise, the nation might realize he’s not as rich or powerful as he illuminates himself to be.Honestly, it's just a shame we didn't listen to him about Obama.

One thing is for sure, the election of 2016 is going to be a turning point for the country. Dirty laundry is being flung and scandals revealed, and America is ready and waiting for it with voter I.D. in hand… or not. And while there is a growing concern for the usefulness of the vote (or its integrity for that matter), America— whether they believe in the vote, or are just going through motions— intends to do just that: vote. Again.

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