Wednesday, December 3, 2014

“I Am”: The Cost of Liberty, the Exchange: Security?

 America has long been known as the “land of the free.” The cost of that freedom is often held in regard only by those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that freedom. Veiled in anonymity under a shadow of collectivized terms as: the military or soldiers, we forget the individuals behind that veil. We neglect the individual sacrifices they have made—whether it be their lives, time,  or money.

Sadly, this collectivism does not exist amongst civilians. Individuality plagues citizens so rampantly in our American culture that, by it, we’ve allowed liberty to come under fire through a failure to recognize it was ever being stolen. In fact, the collective citizens have become sheep herded by the law of man, rather than participants in the law of nature.

Bill after bill, we have complied with the passing of laws that gave man dominion over another man—and we did it under the guise of security and accountability. Once upon a time, people within a community worked to support each other. They exchanged goods and services, and communicated regularly. When war came upon a people, everyone who was able participated in the fight.  As we became less focused on the well-being of the whole, and more focused on the individual (fueled by greed and selfishness) needs, we began pulling away from this system. Largely on account of reducing our own personal responsibilities, people opted to pay taxes to support those who would fight in their stead.

While this ideology is archaic to say the least, the mentality has evolved and is the root of much destruction and chaos in our country (well, honestly the world, but let’s stayfocused on America).  As we’ve “progressed” our nation, and taken every action imaginable to deflect personal responsibility; individuality and the means to neglect ones environment have arisen and acted as direct contributions towards disunity, crime, and corruption.  As we’ve seen in past stories covered by Divine America, the collective people have sacrificed liberty in the pursuit of this hand-fed security. In our desire to retain as little responsibility as possible for our communities, it’s no wonder there is a presumption of a rising “police state.” Our failure in conducting the very checks and balances to prevent such a state is the reaping of the seeds we’ve sown.  You got what you paid for. Now, on account of  a couple of bad seeds and  an immensely, negatively-fueled media, there’s another line in the sand created by the elite, and crossed by the citizens; and it’s used to increase disharmony and paint a clear target on the backs of the very people we’ve paid to “protect” us. Did we forget that a uniform does not a hero make?

Having the displeasure of witnessing this shredding of the American culture and society, we can see the crippling of the hearts of the patriots, and a sense of immobility, despair, and defeat. And with the surmounting lines being drawn, a mentality is developed, and wars inspired. As a result, more people will be harmed by the fight or flight response that officers are forced to embrace when they encounter citizens. The people will then cry for more legislation and punishment towards officers. Every discharge of a weapon in response to criminal activity will come under question, and we will eventually not even have those few who will stand in our defense locally, because we’ve pitted the duty of the job against them, and sided with justice for the obvious criminal.

Regardless, the cry for further laws to keep us “safe” has been by far the most asinine measure we’ve taken in search of our individual happiness; and has ultimately been the largest cost the citizens have paid towards securing our own well-being. Of course, when blinded by the new concept of what well-being truly is--a state of finances--it should come as no surprise that we sit in the cesspool of corruption and greed.

As we reflect over the year we’ve had at Divine America, we are forced to recall these corruptions in action. Taken aback to our dear friend “Martin,” we see one man’s individual fight for a liberty that has been perverted by those who would use it to control and extort people. In his plea to the courts to be free of a mandated identity procured by a piece of paper and upheld by a plastic card, our dear friend sought to remind the people of the Lord’s words and warning. Not a far stretch from original pagan-man’s understanding of the power behind knowing another man’s name, “Martin” restates, “I AM THAT I AM,” a man with the right to travel freely with his property and without the threat of extortion from the henchmen of the state who blindly follow orders.

However, We The People saw fit to discard that liberty. In fact, we demanded identity be more than a term one is provided as a reference. And why? Accountability. There’s proof behind a document after all, and having that proof enables us to sue the pants off each other to achieve our financial well-being. Unfortunately, to get these papers one must commit to redefining their liberties by subjecting themselves to the laws of man—a series of rules and compliances one must live by in exchange for protection from the thugs of the state in addition to the thugs of the citizenry. Under these rules, personal responsibility is not required; and accountability becomes an effortless pursuit of fraudulence that allows for unconstitutional subjections to unwanted extortions.

How’s the exchange working out for you now? You know, now that you pay egads of dollars into auto insurance, medical insurance, home owners insurance, and so on.

Our dear friend is not alone in his fight for the restoration of liberty and it has not been without its setbacks, as even those among the “awakened” demand compliance with certain laws of man for that wonderful accountability. On account of those individuals and to update you on our dear friend’s situation; the Man alleged to be “Martin P-E-T-R-O-S-K-Y” (for the umpteenth time)—despite numerous attempts to pay restitution to the person known as “STATE”—has been found guilty of criminal activity, simply for driving without a tag. When considering the corrupt state of affairs being carried out by the Dekalb County Court , the lack of knowledge regarding their job description, the strategy utilized in trampling the first amendment, and—as Divine America hascome to learn in the latest interview with “Martin”—the apparent power of Judge Wong to act and speak for the defendant; it leaves little to the imagination as to how our dear friend will be sentenced. With initial settlements proffering time in jail (up to three years), probation, and fines surmounting thousands of dollars, it begs to question not only if people truly believe the lack of a piece of paper warrants such response, but if our dear friend’s family deserves to suffer as much as the court would like them to. “Martin” being the sole provider for his family would certainly witness the destruction of his family’s well-being.

Regardless of how you personally feel about compliance to the state mandates, many might at least agree that no one deserves to be violently ripped from their vehicle through a window and taken prisoner when no harm has been executed against another living being. But, despite having the acceptable forms of all those protections and accountabilities, a passive decision to stand against such extortions (just by not handing it over) ultimately contributed to our dear friend’s brutal attack, kidnapping, and imprisonment at the hands of thugs.  While some may consider his actions intolerable, our dear friend did this and stands by his consequences not for himself, but for the good of the people who would otherwise submit to these indignities. In hopes of enlightening people to the liberties we’ve allowed to slip away, “Martin” subjected himself to the dangers of disregarding the state’s rules of paperwork.

Now, as we throw around such terms of endearment as “crazy,” “anarchist,” and
“right-wing nut,” towards our dear friend, we ought to take a moment to recognize that it takes all kinds of kinds. People like our dear, crazy friend fighting for lost liberties of all natures, exist in many different arenas. Some people hold signs of protest on the streets, over bridges, and at local capitol buildings. Others like to voice themselves on social media. And then there’s some who give a shout out over a megaphone on White House gate at one in the morning.

While many have funny ways of drawing their lines in the sand of laws they willingly obey and those they won’t, we come across those who have stepped forth to bring about the awakening of the masses. Patriots such as former Oathkeeper member, Bill Looman—who has dedicated himself to the fight for liberty not only in his service as Marine, but as a loyal servant and spokesman of our Nation’s citizens—is one that has been met with ridicule and endured personal sacrifice on scales unimaginable to the average Joe.

Far from his first or last rodeo to spark awareness, Bill Looman has marched to the frontlines of our battlefield—the Nation’s capital—along with other such as Manny Vega and Blaine Cooper, to announce on their megaphone that We The People have had enough. It is apparent these efforts have fallen on deaf ears, but who even among the so-called three percent patriots has truly committed themselves in such ways? Who among us has already demonstrated the tuck-tail and turn-back strategy that elected leaders have come to expect and to which has contributed to the ridicule of which the patriot movement?

Effectively, the backlash by which the patriot movement has been reduced begs to have questions answered that not many are ready or willing to ask themselves. How much longer are you willing to stand by watching the nation destroyed by the elite who would define for us what actions are legal and illegal? Will you wait for it to come to your front door? Will you “bug out” to the woods and practice all that awesome primitive survival stuff you’ve working on?

It’s time for truth. What wars may come, will come. Most likely, not in our time—especially if we continue to sit and wait. Our children, though, and their children can count on the fight being entirely removed from their ideologies. They will be the bearers of the burdens to which we neglected to respond appropriately. So as you sit there, waiting for the so-called “shit to hit the fan” on your doorstep or in your backyard; know this:  that’s not going to happen.

However, as you continue to embrace and push for further legislation to keep you safe, realize you are only dooming the future of this country. You are just as guilty as those who would write such laws that will eventually see this nation crumble. Our failure now will be the consequence for which our children will suffer. And when the time comes and you are put before your creator, consider what your judgment will be for failing to do your part in preserving liberty. There is no cost greater than life, and it’s one only a few are willing to pay. Would you? We all have to die some time. 

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