Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Tattered History; We will Never Forget

Nothing pains me more than to be cliche; I prefer truth over trend, and a blank page over a template. It is both a curse and the most rewarding blessing. However, every once in a blue moon, even the most iconoclastic of individuals must conform to the ritualistic endeavors of trend. That being said, this particular post takes a slightly different turn. For as it is a time for most to bid farewell to the passing year and praise with cheer the coming of the new year, it is customary for us to reflect on the things we have experienced, the lessons we have learned, and the tragedies and blessings we have endured from the passing of time.

In not so much the orthodox fashion as others are inclined to write, Divine America will, too, comply with this New Year ritual in our own non-compliant way. Like so many others, Divine America entered into the alternative media arena with a vision of not only spreading truth, but inspiring community, unity, and solution to the everyday issues we were seeing in our nation. The hopes of not only raising awareness, but giving a clear definition to how to change it fueled our mission.

Well, as we sit staring at sixteen (16) denied requests for information from agencies including local and abroad police departments, the FBI, and SEC to name a few; one can't help but feel that we have failed at our mission.

Of course, this is not entirely true, and our habits for the melodramatics may be kicking in. Assured by the dozens of emails, messages, and comments left for us, we know that our purpose is serving many. However, the massive amount of evidence in the form of denied FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests reminds us of three things. First, the Obama administration is failing horrendously with it's green efforts, because we certainly don't require two pages of verbiage to tell us "no." We understood that in the digital formats, so please consider the trees being wasted. Second, and more importantly, freedom of information is apparently a freedom only granted to government agencies. And finally, the most concerning of all, we are reminded that the works of history are maintained by those in power.

Even the history of America--as tattered as it still stands--see rewrites scripted by those of biased views, and holding the highest seats of control within (and wearily enough, without) our nation. While alternative media outlets have been on the rise and strive to uncover truth, we have witnessed the blatant hand of those in power to prevail in evanescing that truth. In everything from false flags and cover-ups, to distractions for obvious cover-ups; the elite have conducted attacks on the citizens and those who would dare expose them. Essentially, what we blog, they block; what we stream, they steal to be spun in such ways to make us look bad; what we record, they corrupt. As there is no end to what they can and will do to thwart the exposure of truth, the list will go on.

Sadly, it is not us who will suffer on account of failed diligence. For it will not be in our time that the proverbial "shit" hits the fan--at least not enough for our generation to do something about it. However, the generation of our children and grandchildren are likely to be the recipients of the very turmoils of which most of us speak. Especially if children attend the indoctrination camps--uhh, public schools--in which history (including the words of the constitution) is twisted to convey compliance with and dependency on the government; our children and theirs will never know what it meant to stand for anything.

There is a solution to this that many have embraced the boldness to call for, yet more refuse to accept. Let's not beat around the bush; that solution is war. Both a horrifying and glorious truth, it has become quite clear that our leaders neither love us or fear us, thusly surmising us to this: we must make them do one of the other, and let's be honest--they are not going to love us if they can control us more effortlessly. Therefore, as it was the failed duty of our forefathers, the burden now falls upon us--the last generation that will stand and fight. That battle, however, relies on us finding unity. Not unity in our beliefs as individuals, but in the knowledge and awareness of what true freedom is, and how to conduct it within our communities.

The curse: divided we fall, has never been so evident as it is today. We see divide in all things. Such quarrels see a nation turning against itself and leaning closer into the path of destruction and chaos, and we are the only ones who can change that, as the "savior" lies within. That change only comes, though, when we realize we are not each others enemies, but rather brothers and sisters in a battle for our true freedom. To deny this is only to lie to oneself. See, as a white lower-middle class-man, I am not at war with my black brothers and sisters of even the lowest or highest classes. I am at war with those who have lead my brethren to believe they deserve or cannot amount to more than what is bestowed upon them. I am at war with those in the position of leaders who masterfully concoct destructive forces within the black community that keep them from prevailing, as opposed to building them up.

As a woman and mother, I am not at war with my brothers and sisters of the working or non-working class. I am at war with those who have forced the ideology of being a champion of parenting and full-time worker without concern for the imbalance it lends towards either duty. For these are the very seeds that sprout into a hostile, uneducated, and lackluster community and nation.

It makes me neither a racists, or anti-woman to say such things, unless one is uneducated enough to understand the truth behind these words. In the fight to end these divisive strategies, one must recognize the strategists behind them. While we should ultimately find blame within ourselves for allowing these elitists to rise to power, we must also acknowledge our power and responsibility to put an end to their rule. Unfortunately, with our voting system corrupted we can be sure there is only one option left, and we needn't fear it, only embrace it as truth as our ancestors once did.

In moving into the new year, let us be reminded of the tattered histories, which we will never forget, as they have brought us to this point. Let us embrace unity in such a way that it creates a bond between us that might never be broken again; so that we might conquer our enemies and restore the promises of our nation. We can have the Divine America that was intended for us. We need only to acknowledge the simple truth that it will not come easily, but if we are vigilant in our pursuit it will come, and our children and grandchildren will be better for it.

As we strive to awaken others, Divine America re-spawns into the new year with a stronger purpose and mission to redefine a United America; one which will never again fall to the persuasion of the corrupt elite. To our brothers and sisters, we can have what was promised to us, and as we enter this New Year let us never forget that.

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