Thursday, November 13, 2014

When Using Your Power for Good, Part II: Cue Thugs

 It goes without saying; the U.S. government is nothing short of muscle. With ABC agencies such as the FBI, NSA, DOJ, ATF, and IRS just to name a few, the government has a strong arm to manage compliance with all the wonderful legislation they write. Of course, each agency is stamped with the ideals of being for the good of the people, and adding security in an otherwise insecure world. For example, the function of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Committee), is to protect investors by maintaining the integrity of the stock market. Such a feat is accomplished by investigating and charging those who would jeopardize the system which is based on a sort of honor code.

At least, these are the claims sold to the American people.

See, the stock market relies on people buying and selling stock based on the same advantages and disadvantages. When people have advantages (such as insider information) they have a tendency to play the market to their benefit, which holds the high probability of hurting someone else. Since there are more ways than one to commit fraud while treating stocks, the SEC was implemented to add security.

Well, that sounds good, doesn’t it? That is, if such authority is not abused. What happens when a corrupt administration uses it strongarms to target people, organizations, and even industries? The entire nation has heard as such events (among the many other scandals of the Obama administration) involving ABC agencies, but no one really takes the time to look into the cases. A big part of that can be attributed to a misplaced sense of justice. Most people think the rich are rich because of their well-played hand in something deceitful. While certain actions on Wall Street have certainly echoed a disdainful taste for the hoi polloi, there are indeed humanitarians among the elite.
You may recall a brief regarding Donald Gillispie, who sought ways to help people by proposing masterful designs of desalinization and nuclear power plants in places like China and Idaho. While many have their opinions regarding nuclear energy, I’m not here to sway your beliefs. However, I can recommend some reading material that may educate you in the truth about nuclear energy. Rather, Mr. Gillespie’s situation reminds us just how powerful and out of control these arms of our government have become. It also serves to remind us of that no amount of good intention goes without punishment from those with a catastrophic agenda. What else would you call the amount of destruction wreaked upon citizens, companies, and industries by just one arm of the government’s enforcers?

Consider the fact that under Obama’s administration the number of corporate fraud investigations conducted by the SEC more than doubled in Obama’s first term. Taking a look at the army amassed for purposes similar to this, the clueless majority of us don’t even think twice, because it is only happening to the rich, right?

Wrong! In fact, with its units ranging in control of everything from banking, agriculture, firearms, drugs, and more; their hand of influence falls on every citizen of the United States of America. That is why we see people being SWAT teamed to be evicted from their homes after banks foreclose on them. That is why we see mom and pop shops shut down by the IRS for failure to pay. That’s why we see babies blown up by an alleged war on drugs, and on more occasions homes being mistakenly entered and people dying because of it. That is why we see pastors arrested and jailed for feeding hungering homeless. And it’s what leaves a handful of us looking for the checks and balances.

Unfortunately, since such information is maintained and “checked” it’s done so by the very people paid to protect the integrity of their agency. As a result, when simple public records requests are made the ABC agency gets to pull any number of rabbits out of its hat of excuses as to why they will not be providing the information requested. Perhaps during another check and balance audit those documents will simply disappear.

Either way, we are forced to make our own inferences based on the massive amount of complaints made against the SEC and the accounts of those who step forward in support of Mr. Gillispie. People like Thomas Doss have made it their personal mission to bring awareness to this case. And yet others, like Corey St. Claire, who had the privilege of being a trainer and close confidant to Mr. Gillispie, who are eager to tell everything they know about the man they describe as genuine and trustworthy, in an effort to clear his good name of the shadow of doubt cast upon it by the SEC.

Multiple attempts have been made to obtain records from the SEC, the SEC lawyer, and the FBI. All have thus far been fruitless, save for some laughable email. In looking at the track record of both the SEC and the Obama Regiment-- I mean, administration… I guess I have to base a judgment on the honor system. That means, interviews with inside sources which paint a clear picture of the SEC’s intentions hold more water than a lack of supporting evidence and a refusal to cooperate with media. And exactly what are the SEC’s intentions?

Don Gillispie’s case makes that pretty evident as well. With the allegations claiming Mr. Gillespie was raising funds for a sort of pump-and-dump, one would think the SEC would be giving the investors back what they paid in; at least considering the SEC was collecting that much and then some from Gillispie. In fact, after calculating “fines payable to the US treasury” plus interest, Mr. Gillispie is set to lose his company, his credibility, and over $10 million in fines. Suffice it to say the outlook for his future has been cast in the shadow of uncertainty due to an unfounded attack launched by Snake River Alliance and backed up by the SEC and the FBI. Despite lacking evidence, the judgment has been made in a civil court. Though his unwilling-to-go-down-without-a-fight nature compels Mr. Gillispie to keep fighting, the power of this wallet it has been crippled by the blows of the SEC. Against the unlimited resources of the SEC, even a victory only hurts the taxpayer. Rather, Gillispie has been advised to stand down against the army Obama has amassed—not only against citizens, but upon various industries—and he tells of many lives a wasting away in federal prisons on account of false allegations made by the agencies.

His warning access to ask, what do those thugs do with all this money? Of course, we are quickly reminded of the Obama’s war on coal and his clean air campaign, which saw massive attacks launched against various energy manufacturers and coal plants; as well as the financial backing of many failed green energy companies and programs. In fact, the administration’s plans we are told will contribute to America’s next energy crisis.

In spite of all the tragedy Don Gillispie has faced in the hopes of using his power for good – or in this case, providing affordable power for all – we are promised a light, energized by Mr. Gillispie’s own revolutionary design. While the SEC vows to make the remainder of Don’s fiscal life hell, he will rest happily knowing there was nothing they could do to stop people from having a choice and affordable energy. Though, he explains it wasn’t for a lack of trying. Among the many that have come and continue to come under attack by any wing of the government, Blue Castle was just another energy manufacturer on their list. Having witnessed the countless barrages of cases filed against companies by the SEC, FBI, and IRS to name a few; investors have become keen to the tactics that not only threaten the integrity of the stock market, but the well-being of the company.

However, in an initiative to build another plant using Don’s design, Blue Castle CEO Aaron Tilton came under fire from the SEC for investments made by the LeadDog. Fortunately, and despite their best efforts, Mr. Tilton disassociated from LeadDog and clarified the misunderstanding that he had any idea where investors make their money. This did not prevent mass mediafrom painting the CEO with a negative image. In their coverage of the story, Aaron Tilton is described as a “predictably solid Republican” with anti-gay and anti-environment agendas, yet a man with which many still wish to invest. But we digress.

Don Gillispie is just one of the many victims of the administration’s army against citizens. He wasn’t the first, and by far he won’t be the last, but he will be one less that went silently. Not because he cares for himself, but because he cares for people. What no one thinks about when they’re busy writing off Don because of his upper-class status, is the fact that he is being fined in a civil court despite a lack of evidence, without a jury, and with lawyers telling him to accept. What people don’t realize is that there are repercussions when we failed to put an end to such abuse of authority before it’s too late. If we fail to stop this sort of crime here, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a problem for the lower class (although, a recent account tells us it may already be there).

The US government is nothing short of thugs to enforce compliance with the laws they create to keep their agenda progressing. Obama’s agenda includes pumping money into a global warming campaign that has been proven a hoax. So while hopes of a brighter future are tickled by the Republican control, we’ve already heard them back down on promises that won them the elections. Unfortunately, there’s two more years of this administration with more than $17 trillion in debt, and Obama still trying to convince us all that we need to pump more money into clean air in such deals with China. With billions of dollars still being contracted out for foreign investments, two things become clear: one, money needs to come from somewhere (and publicly traded energy companies make great targets because they are often owned by conservatives and funded by investors with deep pockets); and two, if the administration intends to create an economic collapse, this is certainly the way to go about doing it. And maybe that’s more on target than you think.

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