Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When Using Your Powers for Good, Expect Government Delays

Many of us are quite familiar with the story of Bundy Ranch-in which the Bundy family’s property was raided and became a pivotal peg in America’s timeline.  As sensational as that moment was and continues to be for the American people, it was not the first time a citizen has been attacked by the sitting administration in an attempt to sabotage progress, and it won’t be the last time.

A former founder and CEO of alternative Energy Manufacturing, found himself in a similar standoff with ABC agencies. However, the “war tactics” were slightly different, and did not result in the support of militias nationwide coming to his defense. Though, much of the battle has been carried out in courtrooms, it cost one Man his company and good name, and cost the country thousands of jobs with better pay.

It is unfortunate that we live in a time where the mere mention of a nuclear anything is taboo and met with such aggressive resistance. Enshrouded in a mass of misinformation, and aided by many organizations to dispel truth; the nuclear industry is thwarted by misled “environmentalists” across the globe.

In my own researching, it has been discovered that there are humanitarians among the industry.  In light of the vile portrayals of owners and builders of these power plants, this writer has learned there’s actually hearts in them that beat solely to do good in this world.  That’s the kind of person Don Gillipsie was when he initiated his plans, and it’s who he continues to be to this day.

With over 40 years’ experience in nuclear engineering, Mr. Gillipsie sought to use his power for good, literally. Partnered with Allies across the world, they worked to create a massive nuclear desalinization plant to produce fresh water. Imagine the impact of creating the largest device known to man to create more fresh water in areas where water is a commodity.  Not only that, think of the thousands of jobs necessary to keep such a plant in operation. 

That’s not all Don did, either—by far. When even the state of Idaho saw the benefits and potential for homing a power plant, Mr. Gillipsie was the man bringing viable plans and a wealth of knowledge to the town of Grand View.   Unfortunately, the liberal minded terror drivers—fearing nuclear everything—began launching unfounded claims against the company and the man behind its establishment. Despite having investors and funding to cover 100% ofthe $3.5 billion project, anti–nuclear opponents of the Snake River Alliance, did everything they could to not only prevent the takeoff of the plant, but to destroy the credibility of the man behind it.  When that didn’t work, anti-nukers found new hope for destroying Mr. Gillispie's dreams by calling in their new BFFs--the SEC.

Although the previous attack by members of the Snake River Alliance was based on false opinions, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) took the reins.  Using all the powers at their disposal, investigations were launched in cooperation with the FBI and IRS against Mr. Gillipsie and his investors.

Regardless of having never produced a shred of evidence to support their claims, you would be surprised what having your home busted into by feds will do to dissuade investors. They didn’t stop with just raiding just Mr. Gillipsie’s home either. Bound and determined to find something that would support their allegations, the feds raided the homes of other investors as well.

As one would think Don Gillipsie was involved in some serious criminal business.  So what were the allegations?  Well, in an effort to destroy the establishment of a power plant in Idaho, hundreds of anonymous claims were made against Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. for fraud.  Basically, because the company was publicly traded, the easiest way to chase away investors and ruin the potential future efforts led anti-nukers to file false complaints suggesting the company’s leaders were pumping and dumping stock. Though, the ABC agencies involved have yet to the find or provide any evidence supporting those complaints, the SEC has been held up Mr. Gillipsie and construction of the plant in court delays. 

In an effort to save the company and investors further harm, Mr. Gillipsie has since stepped down from his position as CEO of Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc.  However, if you think that was enough to deter the SEC from continuing their attacks, you are far from familiar with the SEC and this administration.

Being the well-intended man he is, Don Gillipsie has a massive support team in his corner.  From the investors who were brought into the mess and even raided by the FBI, to your average run of the mill folks and independent journalists, who understand what Don is trying to do (make the world a better place); Mr. Gillipsie has not been short of people that believe in him and his goals.

Unfortunately, Divine America is still awaiting a response from the SEC, the FBI, and the courts involved for their side. Rest assured, as soon as we get their side it will be presented. However, you can probably tell that this is just another attempt to perish the progression of our country under the misguided efforts of those in power.  As the administration continues pushing their “environmental” agenda, we see more and more land being seized, coal plants being shut down, and goodhearted companies destroyed.  If you haven’t realized yet why there is this attack, it’s time to start being more aware. 

We will continue to follow this story and bring you all the details that prove how the SEC is attacking Don in an effort to generate funding for their own energy agendas. Further, we will delve into the future of energy production and discover the true plans of this administration for this country.   


  1. A special thanks to Sabrina for shining the devine light of truth on a deceitful administration operating in darkness and shadows.

    The comments to follow only require a little common sense and logic to show the SF SEC was more interested in ruining the CEO and destroying his company rather than to actually protect shareholders which is one of the main reasons it was established.

    The SF SEC using allegations which mirrored those of an anti-nuke that county Commissioners had previously dismissed, never bothered to question the CEO as to their validity. Instead the SEC would take these charges to a local Boise TV station to try the company in the court of public opinion before returning to San Francisco without ever stopping in at any AEHI office to examine one document or talk to one employee.

    The anti-nukes were also bloging about the SEC assault about a week before it happened. The SEC's first contact with AEHI came a few days later to inform Gillispie the stock would resume trading while the assets remained frozen. Gillispie asked to keep trading suspended untill the hearing. The SEC refused. The stock price dropped to a point the company could not use it to secure start up money. The only people the SEC protected were the anti-nukes and those shorting the stock.

    Comment continued.

    Tom Doss.

  2. Within hours on the day of the 2/3/11, hearing federal court judge Edward Lodge ruled for the SEC to release the company to go back to work. This took the SEC about a month to release the assets, and I don't believe that they have ever removed the initial charges which judge Lodge ruled unfounded at the 2/311, hearing

    It was also said the SEC lawyers were seen talking to the anti-nukes telling them it was not over. Considering the fact that the SEC began sending letters and subpoenas to investors on their fishing trip for new charges using intimidation as their bait it looks like it was true. This also failed as the very vast majority of investors have faith in Gillispie's character and ability to complete the project, over the veracity of these fed agencies.

    The next SEC tactic was to enlist the aid of the FBI and IRS for their use of battering rams and armed agents with their search for emails or any new charges. When they found nothing they decided to use their DOJ agents to send victim website letters to investors. All the actions by the fed-s seemed to be centered localy avoiding publicity of their actions as well. In spite of the SEC neglecting to remove the initial charges this action did not achieve any new charges.

    All through this Gillispie sought to keep the doors open and acquire a lease on the property. While the actions by the SEC 's actions only served to try to destroy the company and ruin the the reputation of Gillispie.

    Another question, where was Gillispie's congressman Raul Labrador? The same congressman of whom months earlier was a candidate running against the incumbent. Gillispie was one of Labrador's supporters biggest supporters. Whether or not the person voted for Labrador or was a big supporter he should not have said he could not get involved because it may affect his political career.


    Tom Doss.

  3. No one is exempt from becoming collateral damage for this administration to achieve their agenda. This is clearly demonstrated by the SEC, an unelected agency created for investor protection. The common thread running through these comments is that the SEC did not mind destroying the investors share price in their zeal to ruin Gillispie and destroy the company. It appears the SECis also trying to use AEHI as an example to what can happen to anyone considering a nuclear power project.

    I believe that this became so much about destroying the character of a good man who defied this administration's anti-nuclear agenda that the other four SEC lawyers left the case leaving Susan Lamarca as the only lawyer with this vendeta. I believe as they realized it made no difference how much was thrown at Gillispie or how much they intimidated the shareholders no new allegations could be found. That is probbaly the reason the SEC never removed the charges from their website.

    The SEC has used every tactic to deny Gillispie his day in court. The first hearing only lasted a few hours on that 2/3/11, day before judge Edward Lodge ruled for the SEC to release the company to go back to work.

    That was over three years ago almost four since Gillislpie had the opportunity to use facts and logic, something that seems to confuse the hell out of these liberal agencies.

    Remember to watch this common thread through these comments wher the only people getting protection from these agencies are the anti-nukes and those shorting the stock. Certainly not the shareholder.

    More to come:

    Tom Doss.

  4. I called and talked to both agents from the FBI involved with the letters sent to shareholders advising them of a victim website. The first one in Pocatello was just stuffing envelopes and told she knew very little of the action. She advised me to contact the Boise agent as she was the lead agent in the case. After several phone calls for about an hour Ifound her to be very nice, but very msguided. I am not sure she liked what she was doing. I don't like bringing this part up as I think the lead DOJ agent was very nice. I was very surprised to learn that just over a week past her 34th birthday she committed suicide. She seemd like a perky all American girl and I know there has to be a void in the hearts of many.

    About this same time the IRS sent T Agents to a Virginia investors work place to interrogate him with questions about who told him about the stock and who did he tell along with other questions on the same line. He was advised he could go to jail if he lied to them.

    Just think about this entire administration's record on deceit and trashing records, the list goes on.

    Here the Treasury Agents are threatning an investor just to get new charges for the longest civil trial in Boise.

    There is much more to this story that needs to be told, and if there are any willing to give Don Gillispie an opportunity to tell this travesty of justice please contact Sabrina. Since that may be the only opportunity Gillispie will have to tell his story, due to the way the SF SEC seems to be manuvering the court system.

    I called the District Court to ask if the FOIA applied to the judicial process, and was told no. I asked if Judge Lodge wrote the opinion he signed. Wendy then said Judge Lodge signs all his opinions, again I asked the same question to which she repeated her statement again.


    Tom Doss.

  5. The next question was even more telling about this case. I asked Wendy who removed a trial that was already set on the docket for10/12/12, ? After a few minutes to look it up she told me it was the SF SEC and Gillispie. I recieved a letter written by Gillispie to Judge Lodge about a month after the trial was knocked off the docket stating Gillispie's concern about not having his day in court and the opportunity to question and expose this administration's use of these unelected agencies to destroy their opponents. It was also said that the SEC's lawyers told one of Gillispie's lawyersthey would loose a court case in Idaho. The way the SEC has been manuvering into a summary judgment seems to lend a lot of creedence to what the SEC lawyer said. In this summary action Gillispie has no say in the matter and all they do is pass papers across desks.

    This seems to be very contrary to the Judge Lodges statement in his bio. Loosley put he states it was very important to him to see that the litigant recieved a fair trial and that would have to include a speedy trial, whether it was a small case or a large case it was the most important thing to the litigant and should be treated as such.

    Does that remotely sound like the run around Gillispie is getting with the Idaho District Court? Judge Lodge is now retiring soon. I asked if that was going to have any bearing on the case. The answer was she did not know.

    A mans life is at stake and she does not know. Where was and is Labrador in all this? I can't call him congressman untill he acts like one. Having fund raisers don't count.

    It should not matter to Labrador as to the innocence or guilt of a constituent, the only concern is to see that they get a fair trial according to the rule of law.

    This administration thinks it's not the rule of law but rather they rule the law. Which now makes that a much bigger concern than all else. Reasonable doubt was established for eliminating the chance of finding an innocent man guilty.

    It's been almost four years since they have tried to destroy his life and reputation, without a fair PUBLIC trial. That is the biggest problem. Right next to weak scared politicians. At least Senator Crappo asked the SEC questions, then it seems the SEC told him he did not want to get involved.

    Time for someone to get involved.

    Tom Doss.

  6. Sad to say at this writing a man with an impecable reputation that hs spent 40 years in an industry that is one of the most vetted for backround checks of every design is preparing to loose all he spent his life achieving, with the worst of it his good reputation. By the administration that has the most criminal charges of all the admins in the history of this once great country.

    I have to qualify that since the country is basicly a geographical land mass with boundries. What made this land mass great was a GOD inspired constitution. Written and signed by men who knew what it would cost them wIth, most paying the price. I have been sending this link from San Francisco sites to the BBC and tabloids of the UK. This is sent to conservatives to inform them of the lengths this admin will go to destroy anybody or thing that does not agree with their country killing agenda. It's sent to the liberals to let them know we are here to fight.

    They have turned the WH into a mosque, attacked the very Christian heritage that made this country great, attacked traditional marriage to the point that the CAAP (Coalition of African American Pastors ) marched on DC June 19/14, for the impeachment of Holder, reminecent of Dr Kings marches, with no mainstream coverage. All that said to emphasize that it is a sure deal what ever bho does not like is something worth while for the country.

    The original Federal Judge Edward Lodge of whom ruled on the first and only hearing on 2/3/11, ruled for the SF SECto release the company to go back to work, this was in hours on the day of the hearing. The trial that was on the docket 10/12/12, was removed and when I asked the court clerk supervisor Wendy who did it, the answer she gave did support the letter of complaint to judge lodge a month later.

    Don Gillispie wants a very public trial to expose the intimidation tactics of this Chicago thug crowd. Here is a situation where the defendant wants to appear in court while the plantiffs don't. It seems like this bho crew is alergic to court rooms. Who in the hell looks guilty in all this.

    What bothers me the most is our supposed conservative side that is either too wussiefied to do anything or they dont
    't like nuclear power. If the later is true then having him answer to a federal court should be what they want. If it is they are wussed out then either someone get through to Sarah Palin's firewalls for me or start taking testosterone.

    I will stay for the fight. Trying to see why this is going on way past a speedy trial. I sent this to the SCOTUS. Again maybe we don't deserve what was left to us at such a high cost of American endeavor.

    Tom Doss.

  7. Why would an agency such as the SF SEC refuse to cooperate with Sabrina's FOIA request? Since this is the same agency that first travelled to Boise Idaho to try the company in the court of public media,at a TV station before ever contacting the company they attacked.

    This is the same agency that had to be in communication with the anti-nukes weeks prior to this, based on blogs stating impending SEC actions against the company. It seems this agency does not mind informing people if it fit their agenda and this administration's agenda of killing nuclear power.

    Susan Lamarca, the last of five SF SEC lawyers persuing this what seems like a vendetta against Gillispie, Sabrina wants answers. Sabrina would like to get at the truth of this action by an agency that keeps the original charges on their website while they have hunted for new charges, and I might add with no success.

    Or maybe the dialog with the FBI and IRS to use battering rams and armed agents to hunt for any new accusations. Maybe the reason the same Federal Judge that previously ruled for your agency to release the company to go back to work with in hours on the day of the 2/3/11, hearing, suddenly decides to remove a trial from the 10/12/12 court docket.

    Maybe the answer to how the method the SEC has taken to move through a summary judgement to avoid Gillispie his right to a fair and speedy trial.

    Susan, meet Sabrina, a very dedicated woman persuing the truth. I know that is a very foreign concept to this administration and agencies but it is certainly not to Sabrina.

    I would like to know your relationship with the anti-nukes after a SEC lawyer, Dave Berman went to lengths to tell me that they took no position on nuclear power. To which Itold him that was B/S.

    Susan I hope you look good on camera, because I know Sabrina does, and if she has any thing to do with it you will find out. She is very persistant in seeking the truth. If the SEC does not have anything to hide why don't you release the information, or is that hard drives crashing that I hear in the backround?

    I wish much success to this Warrior of the truth in exposing another agency operating during the most corrupt criminal administration in the history of the US.

    Tom Doss.

    Lynchburg Va.

  8. What does this administration typically do when it seems the legislative system starts doing their job and holding up bho's agenda? It seems the administration uses unelected agencies to intimidate, or bog down their target with fines, regulations or subpoenas.

    This was tried by bho's administration using first the SF SEC, which then enlisted the aid of the FBI and IRS, and later with the DOJ with lead special agent Rebekah Morse with this vendetta by the SEC.

    Bho uses his next line of a more subtle attack through the judicial system. With the appointment of all these liberal judges interpeting the constitution, from the local courts to the SCOTUS, we have all seen examples of making law from the bench.

    It was very encouraging to know the outcome at the first hearing, 2/3/11, would be conducted by a judge whos bio spoke of his desire to see the litigant had a fair trial.

    Within hours on the day of the hearing where Don Gillispie had the opportunity to face his accusers and prove his innocence, Judge Edward Lodge ruled for the SF SEC to release the company to go back to work.

    On page 3 of Judge Lodge's bio it is stated that Judge Lodge is widley known for taking extra time to assure litigants a fair trial. Judge Lodge once said "you have to be willing to give people their day in court and to understand that this is usually the most important thing in their life, whether it's a big case or a small case, and treat it as such ". Another statement to Judge Lodge is that Judge Lodge's extensive judicial experience and dedication to the rule of law continues to benefit the District of Idaho as well as all the lawyers and litigants that appear before him.

    This is quite a man considering the times we live in. My question is did this administration take advantage of a man in his eighties of whom had also remarked the best way to keep your health was to constantly work at something you love to do. In judge Lodge's past it has been evident he truly loved what he did.

    When I asked Wendy the Idaho District Court Clerk Supervisor as to did Judge Lodge write the opinion that he signed concerning AEHI? Wendy's answer was, after a hesitation, Judge Lodge signs his opinions. I repeated the same question to which Wendy also did the same. She would not catagoricaly state as to if Judge Lodge wrote the opinion.

    I asked Wendy who removed the trial set for Gillispie from the 10/12/12, docket. Wendy then told me it was the SF SEC! and Gillispie. This did not sound right, and after reading the letter sent to Judge Lodge complaining about the removal of Gillispie's opportunity to prove his innocence and expose the SF SEC I started to have grave doubts as to what was going on.

    Since the trial was removed from the 10/12/12, docket it has made this theclongest running civil trial in Idaho. Hardley what judge Lodge used to stand for. The SF SEC has been using this time to manuver into a summary judgement that now I have doubts as to who is actually involved.

    Now two verdicts are out, the first is the verdict as to if Gillispie can recieve a fair trial anymore.

    The second one is the verdict of the retiring Judge Lodge as to if he will retire with the same bio he started with.

    I can say this, and I may have overlooked it, but it appears that the statement by Judge Lodge as to the importance to the litigants whether it be a small case or a large case to be treated as such, does not appear in reference any more. I may have over looked it, or it may not have the same meaning any more.

    Its time for Gillispie to have his day in court.


    Tom Doss