Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mark of the Beast

Never short of attacks on the liberties of the free being, the worst of these offenses include the ones that most people not only comply with, but defend. In addition to defending these suppressions of freedom, we – collectively – support the institution of organized crime that perpetrates crimes of racketeering and extortion on the people of a community. We push the responsibility of enforcing the censorship of our rights onto this group; we expect to be extorted by them if we don’t comply; and we expect others to comply, because we have as individuals.

We call this organization law enforcement.

In most cases, we trust they are doing stellar work providing –as they say- service and protection throughout their turf. After all, they are catching “bad guys,” fighting a war on drugs, saving cats from trees, and walking old ladies across the street, right? Veiled by a shield of secrecy, we easily turn a blind eye to the instances when our employees are not completing their job to our satisfaction; even if it means an “innocent” life is lost.

For most people, the situation does not affect them personally, so there’s no invested interest. In other situations, though, the hope for freedom is lost on the compliance mindset—a relatively childish and quite honestly, sheepish and passive way of going through life, in which one believes “if I must comply, so must you.” Sadly, on account of such thinking, on such a massive scale, we find ourselves held by the henchmen of the state by the ankles, or the shackles.

For many, though, this mindset is not chosen, but elected for us at birth by our parents. Essentially selling our children to the government most parents indoctrinate their children over the years and ingrain the details of the child’s contract with the state. Until an age when children are identified as being able to assume the full responsibility of their contract, the society impresses the rules and extortions to which they are expected to adhere.

This contract established between your parents and the government might not appear so obvious at first, but it is the mark of a beast that was bestowed upon most at birth. With this mark, you can enjoy limited liberties, so long as you are not found in violation of rules. You can go to school, get a job, get other permission slips, get married, and receive all kinds of different perks and benefits. However, this mark also means, you will pay when we tell you to pay. And if you can’t pay, we’ll attach it to your name and number in such a way that you will never be completely free of what you “owe” simply for existing. By the way…you will comply, or else.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about the identifying data that is provided to you at birth – a social security card, a birth certificate… a soon-to-be RFID chip, or maybe a barcode. You do not have to have these things by your natural born right; you need them however, if you wish to enjoy any liberty in this country.

Or else, right?

What happens when we say “no, thank you,” to this contract? Somewhere along the road people stopped taking personal responsibility from upholding sovereignty of the being. They complied with an idea that they needed to exchange freedom for a name and number that provided “permission” to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

Of course, who could blame folks for complying. The native and pagans all knew and taught about the power of the name. Even the bible refers to the identification of beings as giving power over oneself. However, when met with the “or else” portion of that comply demand, it seemed rather sensible to just go with it.

Take this story for instance, which takes place just outside of Atlanta this past June. A dear friend was travelling home in a vehicle that he failed to provide the permission slips for (driving without a tag). Hot on his trail were the goons of the beast ready to extort him for his “crime.”

My dear friend - not being a “bad guy”- pulled over and awaited the officer. With all cordiality extended to the officer, my friend declined to present his driver’s license on the argument that he was not driving, merely travelling. After a short debate of the right to travel and the need for permission to do so, the officer resorted to the infamous “I have a badge, so you’ll do what I say” rattle to encourage my dear friend to obey.

After requesting numerous times to be allowed to continue his travel, and defending his right to do so without the permission slips; the officer trespassed through the vehicle’s window, unlocked the door, and pursued to forcefully drag my dear friend from the safety of his car. He was chained at the wrists, and kidnapped to a fortified facility for days, where he was further subjected to various tortures until he complied with their requests for his marks.

While I painted an extreme picture for you, do not doubt for one second the reality of these truths. We employed these individuals to serve and protect. But who are they really serving and protecting if this is their response to not having your permission slips? The report indicates the state is a victim. But I ask you this: was the harm caused to any being? Is the state truly a being that can be victimized? And if it is… is failure to obtain your permission slip for something you have the right to do a victimization of the state?

If you don’t think this is insane; if you somehow feel safer because my dear friend was locked up for not having paper; if you think I’m lying…. Try it. Try driving down the street with no tag. Try saying “no, thank you” when the henchmen come for your papers. Just a fair warning, you may get hurt. You may get a taser pointed at your face, or worse a gun. They may break into your vehicle and drag you out. You may be kidnapped and placed in a cage. You could even die.  Short of being killed, all of those injustices were suffered by my dear friend all because he failed to comply with the details of his contracting marks.

More than ever it’s time to recognize our failure to take personal responsibility for our sovereignty – not as citizens of the USA, but as beings of this planet; with inalienable rights bestowed upon us by our creator, NOT by some organization. It’s time to tear the contracts, and remove the barcode of identity and compliance tattooed on the fictitious documents provided to us by our rulers.

Are you your marks? Do you identify with the marks bestowed upon you by the beast that is our government? Or do you say, “NO, THANK YOU!”
What if vast numbers of people say ‘well we’re not doing it’? They’d have no power whatsoever. Their power comes in our acquiescence. What we need isn’t compliance, what we need is a global non-comply-dance. [They] cannot grant our freedom, nor can [they] take it away.” – David Icke


  1. There are a growing number of people like myself who have disavowed the Birth Certificate Straw man, the corporate suretyship that has enslaved everyone else and been working together to show the non believers that there is, in fact, a dual America. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the corporatized alter ego of the united States of America. The first, "defacto" and the second, "Dejure". We race against the Agenda 21 clock to at least mitigate the Train Wreck clearly in our view. Please have a look at the second video on my page and if you get the message then YHWH's hand in helping us will begin to appear. We are Natural men and Women, living within the meets and bounds of our individual Nation States doing what will reverse this nightmare scenario if only more would wake up. My good friend Arnie Rosner has compiled a truly massive resource to help you in your endeavor and I suggest you have a look and get back with me if it is of interest.
    Your theme and viewpoint appears to be exactly in line with our efforts.

  2. The spiritual aspect in all of this is undeniable and i hope you'll peer beyond any perceived religious connotations. As a journalist you will appreciate the broad scope of the audience my friends provide.

  3. Nice web site. There is only one effective way to combat this rising evil. Storm the gates of Hell and pull lost souls off the train to Perdition with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Go into the highways and byways and reach the lost. As Democrats get more and more scared about maintaining control, they will add more and more to petty laws, taxes and restrictions, like mosquitos and black flies.

    1. While I mostly agree, what you must realize is that both sides seek control through fear. Embrace love and you will see the full truth. ;)