Sunday, July 13, 2014

Roots of Damnation

*Note: It is not my intention to alter your beliefs; merely to empower you with the knowledge of other ideas that exist. In the long run, many others are thinking it, I’m just saying it. The posts to follow indefinitely are pieces of a larger text in which beliefs and knowledge may be challenged. In a world where knowledge is power, I am only offering a gift of knowing that you may use to empower yourself. 

            It goes without saying; there are many problems in our world today. The history and foundation upon which our rock has been built is nothing short of shady and damning. Expressed through the eyes of expert scholars who’ve studied the text of timeless writings (allegedly scribed by the most powerful people of their time); we trust not only the interpreters of history, but the writers.
While this ultimately creates a challenge in determining the validity of an account, there is one repetitive theme throughout the vast majority of historical works. That is, the roots of this earth are firmly established in the depths of violence, fear, and control; and watered by the blood of the men who seek to break the chains of control.
            America was supposed to be different though. She was supposed to be the salvation of the world’s people, oppressed by their own leaders.
Or was she?
As the story of America unfolds, the country gave birth to its own brand of brutality and control. While the school books dance around horrific truths of battles between the natives and the founders; the reality is that we have always been savages. Even as the earliest creatures to walk this earth were REMORSELESS KILLERS, they pale in comparison to the single-most destructive and inhumane force in the world; HUMAN BEINGS.
You would think as the only species on this planet capable of intellectual thought and rationale that we could fathom something beyond plans of mass destruction and control. But, no…
Instead we’ve come from being a race entirely dependent on our ability to work hard at cultivating and harvesting the resources of this planet; to being an invasive species seeking only to alleviate ourselves of burden and hard work by creating tools that bring about devastation at a rapid pace. In some cases, we’ve simplified the workload so tremendously; our goals can be met with the simple click of a button.
Many will say “We fought for a future that would be better than the one we had.” Well, have we accomplished that? Have we truly been given and are we currently passing along a future we want for our children?
It seems to me that we’ve more effectively created a world of LAZY beings dependent on the tools and handouts provided to keep their world as simple and blissful as possible.
As we’ve embarked on the mission to reduce our efforts, we’ve progressed our technology and medicine; which, arguably, is the responsible source for our reduced mentality, but also keeps us alive longer.
The result of “advancements” has unfortunately had the effect of diminishing the creative thought processes of our youth by providing all the “imagination” they may require. It comes in the form of fast moving lights and sounds streamed through the digital screens of indoctrination boxes (television, computers, video games, etc.). The only thing reliable in this knowledge is that this generation of children will not bring about change or mind blowing engineering feats, because they will have never lifted a finger to acquire knowledge or think on their own.
This argument generally goes two ways. The vast (liberal) majority will cry for controls to be put in place, or standards to be met and identified. Many will point the finger of parental responsibility – which to some extent I would wholeheartedly support you. However, we’re talking about mind control here.
The breeding of a LAB RAT SOCIETY is a truth that is ages old.
In fact, the desire to control has existed since the first single-celled organism. We called it survival of the fittest, because guess what? The only thing a single-celled organism knows is… SURVIVE.
Due to the need to survive, the study of domination has been practiced since the birth of this earth, and only humans have perfected it. Sadly, with this know-how, we’ve only managed to generate of society that demands equality of the sexes, rather than recognize the delicate balance that exists in the strengths and weaknesses of man and woman.
As a result of a feminist movement, mothers who would be home raising the children and being the thread that holds communities together, are now burdened by having to hold the title of breadwinner while their children are left to be raised by electronic babysitters. Women – and I generalize because some actually want to be man’s equal and not his partner – are thusly FORCED TO CHOOSE between fulfilling the societally influenced ideals of a “strong” woman, or embrace the role that was perfectly designed for her to have balance in her world.
Many of you may recall statements by me during my appearance on the Discovery show, Naked and Afraid, regarding this concept. Despite being taken out of context to portray me as a chauvinist; I truly believe that our sexual roles were meant to balance the weaknesses of each other’s sex. Sure, throughout the ages there have been stronger than average woman step up – often disguised as men – but it was NOT the move for ALL women.  Somewhere along the line, we forgot that not all women wished to be more than balanced with men.

The results have been far more devastating as they have not only CREATED DIVISION and WAR in all things; but have broken families through divorce, and figuratively castrated the idea of masculinity. This is just another way society rules and people become dominated and controlled. As we were discussing the possible damnation of America, this thought certainly provokes the question of whether we are or not

The fear of what other people think is the state of perception that stops people [from] making a difference…” – David Icke

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