Thursday, July 17, 2014

Roots of Damnation: Damned, Doomed, or Human Nature?

*Note: It is not my intention to alter your beliefs; merely to empower you with the knowledge of other ideas that exist. In the long run, many others are thinking it, I’m just saying it. The posts to follow indefinitely are pieces of a larger text in which beliefs and knowledge may be challenged. In a world where knowledge is power, I am only offering a gift of knowing that you may use to empower yourself. 

Is it any far stretch of the human imagination that we may very well be just another primordial being surviving on this planet? We just discussed that even the simplest organisms resolved to domination in order to survive. Together we have come to agree that our ancestry endorsed some of the most horrific actions against man. Further, we have acknowledged that such violence has been suppressed and replaced with a more sensitized view of human life. As such, how difficult is it for anyone to consider even the slightest possibility that MAYBE we’re just another species finding it’s “place” on this earth?

Some will argue that we are not sensitized, as we still see violent crimes. Touché! But I think that further exemplifies my point. If we are indeed just another living species –not unlike any other fighting for survival –the fact that this world still sees such heinous actions against all life forms is a clear indication that our natural tendency to “survive” by domination is deeply rooted in our primal, animalistic, instinct. It can’t be completely repressed.

But to truly believe and admit to this concept that we’re essentially animals, means that we have to also accept the nature in us to be aggressive to survive. After all, it’s survival of the fittest, right?

And here’s where I challenge you to really test yourself. Because if you understand that statement wholeheartedly, then you understand that ‘survival of the fittest’ means preserving balance in our environment, and reserving the future for those who belong in it by any means.

That’s not a dictionary definition, that’s just logic applied. In the WILD world, preservation of the fittest is carried out in many ways; all of which are natural. Now, one of the NATURAL ways species preserve the fittest is through infanticide.

GASP!!!OMG! Wait? She didn’t just say what I think she just said, did she?

Calm down. It’s not an endorsement, folks. It’s just a simple fact being acknowledged for the purpose of knowing. Why? Cause knowledge is power. I fear the day Naked and Afraid bloopers reveal me crying over killing a fly.

Our species has found every way around the “survival of the fittest” clause in the ecosystem of the planet. Through science, medicine, and technology, people have brought life to where there would otherwise be no life; and, managed to extend the longevity of life. When did we become so terrified of death that we sought solace in prolonging it through living life so cautiously of it and in search of ways to defy it?

What scientists may have failed to do, is recognized the negative impact of defying nature would have on our species and our environment. Or did they?

Consider some of these facts

With POPULATIONS SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL across the globe (in some places to the extent of people starving due to a lack of resources), we fight for the rights and lives of known murderers, rapists, and people so mentally dysfunctional that they are completely unable to coexist peacefully in society.

Plagued by an inability to preserve the fittest for the future , our species becomes “diseased” and unstable, as these irrefutable genetics are passed on for future generations. And we breed at incredible rates.

It’s unfortunate that these individuals are the remnants of a people we once used to be; who survived on primal instinct, at a time when survival meant destroy and conquer. Clearly, these people have no place in our world today, because we no longer have a need to “survive.”

For the most part, our society is individualistic, self-centered, and materialistic. We established a hierarchy based on the HOLDERS OF THE HIGHEST CURRENCY. So in our ecosystem, one of the biggest things that can drive people into survival mode is the almighty dollar. Fortunately, many of us have completely repressed “survival mode” and can function in this society.

Sadly, for those of us who have evolved to repress these native instincts, there are people among us who shame the behavior, but demand “rehabilitation” for the unevolved.

Scientists then study and pick apart the lab rats to determine the root of the violent behavior. They come up with theories of damaged brain receptors, imbalanced chemicals in the brain, immune-related illnesses, damaged cortex, and so on.

The scientists fortunately discover how to diagnose and “treat” these ailments, and before you know it, there are vaccines and drugs being used as an essential tool to masking genetics that quite possibly shouldn’t be passed down. But let’s come back to this.

Let’s stay focused on the few things that happen here; because first, it allows further study of and release of drugs designed specifically to repress the behaviors without curing it.  Add to the fact that new drugs are NOT made over night. They take years of testing. Knowing this… we’re seeing today the experiments of yesterday. If it doesn’t look good now, do you really see it getting better?

SECOND, think about the doors it opens for convictions to be overturned, if the person is diagnosed with these conditions. If simply forgetting to take a pill to balance your brain chemicals is enough to excuse you of the responsibility of your murder, we have a serious problem. Do we start dismissing all cases in which having brain damage is enough to say, “Release this dysfunctional creature back into society.” We don’t try to save rabid dogs…

But that’s right! We can save these rabid people, because people are capable of rational thought. Besides, science needs lots of lab rats. But we’ll come back to that.

Hopefully you were paying attention and caught the fact that all their research and medication is centered on the advancement of mind controlling agents. They are literally finding ways to chemically control people (and in most cases, turn them into immobile drooling stations). By first identifying behaviors that are desired, SCIENCE HAS DESIGNED DRUGS TO BRING ABOUT THOSE DESIRED BEHAVIORS.

But it’s totally for the good of people, right? Now we don’t have to commit a natural preservation process, and until it directly affects us, we can put it out of mind and go on about life. AWESOME!


Well, we just recognized the effect this has on deteriorating the human species by passing along genetics that have no place in the future, but more than that it makes us VULNERABLE and DEPENDENT on something UNNATURAL.

Exactly how much do we trust these drug designers to be completely interested in our true happiness? If masses of people could be so easily controlled, isn’t it possible they’re going to do just that? Are we doomed by a repression of our natural behavior, or is there something more to it?

Certainly, if we were to be controlled, it would require more than medication, as even despite the law, not everyone will have health insurance or ever see a doctor. I guess that means, there’s more to this puzzle. 

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