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Roots of Damnation: Article III - The Lab Rat Society

*Note: It is not my intention to alter your beliefs; merely to empower you with the knowledge of other ideas that exist. In the long run, many others are thinking it, I’m just saying it. The posts to follow indefinitely are pieces of a larger text in which beliefs and knowledge may be challenged. In a world where knowledge is power, I am only offering a gift of knowing that you may use to empower yourself. 
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Satanism is a network that interacts with the beings that are controlling
our vibrational state from a frequency above us
– David Icke
More than once in this series, we’ve addressed the fact that one of the oldest studies of the human race has been conducted in the field of BEHAVIOR CONTROL. With this in mind, one can surmise quickly that it will take more than a single device to control an entire population—especially one so considerably diverse as America.
Well, let’s analyze some of the means of control. Now, many of you will readily agree that dependency is created and further established by the government programs (which provide perks such as free cell phones, cable television, welfare, advanced education, medical coverage, etc). While, all well-intended programs, they are, nonetheless, harmful to an independent society. So let’s not beat that dead horse.
Instead, let’s address things like the diminishing educational system. Granted we never had the best, but then we had Common Core implemented. This curriculum is the epitome of micromanagement; taking an already simple concept such as a two-step problem and simplifying it into so many individual steps it leaves your mind numb.  In many cases, if the procedure is not followed, regardless of the student’s answer, it’s marked wrong.
Indoctrinated by both a lack of truth in material and a micromanagement procedural approach, the brains of our children are lessened for a reason.  The quality of our country’s educational system is preparing our children to be able to push buttons without question.
And because schools have such adequate time with children at all the pivotal points in their youth, it is now very common to find core material praising Obama as a savior of the people; spotlighting and practicing Muslim “awareness and sensitivity” courses; and selectively teaching the U.S. Constitution. Students who rebel – or even THINK about rebellion – find themselves condemned and chastised—shun to the general populace. There have even been reports of students being punished for questioning the teacher who was WRONG.
Starting at the earliest age, our society has crushed the competitive and creative nature of children by promoting failure as a success in an everybody-gets-a-trophy-society. Now to most, it seems to make sense that from failure comes a lesson and we strive to apply that lesson until we hit our target. However, in a world where everyone gets a trophy – win or lose – I still win, so why fucking bother? I’m sorry. Public school education and all. ;)
What I mean is, there comes a certain feeling with winning and losing – it’s called pride. And, it either gets a boost or a swift kick in the nuts. BOTH of those come with feelings. And without having to experience those feelings, children take a blindness to the emotions of winning and losing and instead shrug it off. Their “survival mode” is being expunged. Why? Or, hey, why not? Oh that’s right, because scientists keep DNA around from beings that really shouldn’t be kept around. But let’s stay focused.
Now, without a need to experience those feelings children have more time to sit in front of the computers, games, and other colorful and lively electronics that satisfy the brain’s desire for creativity. Best part it, it requires them to do nothing more than push some buttons.  See what I did there?
 Suffice it to say, we’re just not done screwing with the generation of children before us. We further push ideas of equality across the board, which I think is awesome. I think I’m skeptical that such a world could ever exist, but hey, I like to fantasize. In this equality campaign, though, we are more openly exposed to a variety of divisive tactics that orbit “gender confusion” and a surmounting growth in the education of all things related to the subject in order to create sensitivity to topic.
I should probably interject at this point before you get some silly idea about what I may or may not believe in. I fully support your right to do whatever you want to do so long as it doesn’t harm someone else. I love all people for who they are and no matter what baggage they carry. I do the divine thing and treat people as they treat me and as I would want to be treated. I would go as far as to say, can people really help who they fall in love with; or is it more likely that our ideas of what love really is have been so perverted that we fail to acknowledge that nature does it, too? Food for thought.
However, as gender roles become less clear, children do not learn to make the connections and distinctions between “masculine” traits and “feminine” traits. They are unable to identify with a role that seems to fit their persona. Again, division amongst the ranks rises as those “survival mode” carrier-children begin to infringe upon the population of “confused” children in the form of bullying.
So threatened by the idea of bullying, the society leans towards exposing and chastising the behavior, and demonstrating the horrific effects of continued tactics. To many it seems bringing awareness and “preventative” efforts forward, we can nip bullying right in the bud. Umm… maybe this is old-fashioned thinking, but why not just have all the students take a class in martial arts? Why not bring back PE and get our kids learning some simple steps in competition? Why do kids spend 8 hours a day in a class room – and NOT have time for PE, Music, Art, and other creative education time? We have made bullying the repression of our children’s generation, and we are witnessing the pussification of America. But we’re not done yet.
From gender confusion to a lack of outlets for simply being a child – you know, all that hyper stuff; the bouncing off the wall stuff? It’s called being a kid. Somewhere along the line of removing the outlets for their energy, we thought that “having better” meant indoctrinating a value placed on having a lifelong career working 9-5, Monday through Friday, in a cube. So we plant them in front of devices for education, entertainment, and in some cases enlightenment. And then wonder why the generation of kids doesn’t play outside.
In some cases, these outlets are not enough to contain the inner child, though. And those children, whose inner child presents itself in the public domain, it becomes essential that that child receive medical attention in the form of a pill. Once again, pushing medicine and vaccination as a requirement to get some of that good old public ed-JU-cay-shun.
But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, as we progress our technology, we’ve managed to invent the RFID chip. Coined as a benefit to our security, this new device and others like it (Google Glass), are capable of hacking into and reading the human mind and recognizing brainwaves and behavior.
Starting to sound a little “Minority Report” minus the precogs? Consider this, the precogs were just databases of collected data from the thoughts and behaviors of humans, until it became logically clear that a crime was about to occur. Basically, if there are certain parameters that exist in the brain capable of pinpointing that a crime is going to occur; and a computer designed to pick up these identifiers foreshadows the impending doom, how much longer is it before we see the promotion of CRIME PREVENTION through these chips?
Sure, these are some crazy concepts, and I’m not asking you to believe them. Vast majorities of people are thinking these things, and I’m just saying them. I can see it more easily than some only because I have played the “God” role. By that, I mean only that I have controlled genetics to produce a desired result and have found it to be simple, and satisfying. It takes time, but anyone can do it. And if anyone can do it, is it being done to the human race? However, instead of breeding a society worthy of the future, America has been breeding a cesspool of hatred and inhumanity, with the scent of its decay disguised in the ideals of a perverted love and security.
We’ve traded “survival” for material possession and the delusion of status in our community. Having inspired an individualistic society, whose only concern is ultimately what directly affects oneself, we have become the SLEEPING NATION, unaware of how caged we truly are.
When all things from education and media to technology and medicine have proven themselves to be field tests of control, one can’t help but wonder if this is all by design, or if we are indeed damned. 


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