Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy Belated New Year's

Color me not as on top of it as every other person with a blog who got their New Year's blog out on New New Year's. Honestly, I thought about letting the old blog go, until I realized there was a nifty editing feature that allowed me to change everything - right down to the link. That said, I got the idea last night to revamp the blog. Don't you love it? No? Well, it's a work in progress, and honestly not bad for being thrown together in a couple of hours. Anyway, I figured it's a new year; a good time for reflection, transformations, and goal setting. Believe it or not, my "Year of Completions" went very well, and have immensely contributed to the goals of this year. I'll get into that later, though.

While I love the idea of a clean slate, I felt it was important to keep the entries from the previous year... kinda like reminders of where I came from. As I said, the experiences from the past year have significantly contributed to my vision for this year. There's a reason I stopped writing last year, and it's something that will be changed this year. Writing will become a focal point this year; and not just this blog. I'll be contributing to a site (Zen In The Car) on topics of activism, community involvement, and possibly spirituality, as well as working on that series I was talking about last year. It finally has a beginning.

Of course, my motherly and homeschool-teacherly duties will be first and foremost in importance. However, as you know, I am an American at heart and believe in what my country stands for. Initially, my thinking was short of a war, things weren't going to get any better. But after some thinking I realized how shallow of an idea that was. After all, what happens afterwards? I came to understand that if you want something done... you have to do it yourself. Coupling this theory with the fact that I can't afford a nice mansion somewhere in the US where government won't affect me, I figured, I should probably start right at home. Thus, as part of my goals this year, I'll be volunteering to some boards and commissions for the city of Snellville. My hope is that I'll learn enough to run for an elected position next year or the following term.

Because support is necessary for any goal, I think it's important to mention how excited I am for these challenges I'm about to embark on and thankful for the support I've been shown by my family and friends. As a supporter of the equal rights of all Americans, and a firm believer in the Constitution I have maintained connection with a network of like-minded people called the Constitutional Security Force (CSF). The CSF will be taking it's place as support for the Three Percent and Boots on the Ground (BOG) (America's militia lead by Chief Mark Kessler of Gilberton, PA). This movement calling for the attention of the Georgia chapter's leaders has provided me the honor and privilege of serving the chapter to accomplish preserving America's freedoms.

Anyway, it's simply too early in the year to discuss everything, but I did want to try and post something close to the New Year. I'm sure y'all understand. I also want to encourage everyone to get on their own Year of Completions movement. Not just resolutions - real, tangible things you intend on accomplishing this year. I promise, with focus and purpose there's nothing you can't do. Let's make some magic this year, folks. ^.~

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