Friday, January 24, 2014

Connect the Dots

It’s time to play connect the dots folks. What do the educational system overhaul, the affordable healthcare movement, the legalization of marijuana, and the stripping of our constitutional rights all have in common? Simple: Controlling the herds.

Use your brain people, there’s a massive attack on folks homeschooling their children. More people are opting for homeschooling as the educational system adopts common core – a curriculum that literally zombifies children by treating them like brainless apes. It sets the expectation that upon graduation students will be work ready. First, in what country will there be jobs? If most of American companies are outsourcing and moving to automation what do you think will be left for people to do? Well, if we don’t become fat, Wall-E-ized, blobs only capable of movement because of motorized chairs; we’ll be subjected to monotonous jobs that require little brainpower or thought whatsoever.

Don’t want to do that? Don’t want your child’s future to be so bleak? Good luck! If your child goes to public school and can’t perform to the lessened criteria of common core (which actually is so dumb it causes the children who were capable of doing the work at an advanced level to be absolutely confused and treated as if they can’t perform), it is highly likely that the school will advise you to seek medical (and more than likely medicinal assistance). What’s that? You don’t want your child on some crazy medicine? Why not? I mean… you don’t want to be like these folks ( whose child was taken from them for refusing to put their child on meds. After all, you could choose to be more like these folks ( who fortunately cared enough about their 10-year old child to send her to public school. Unfortunately she’s dead because after several reports made to the Department of Family and Children Services regarding child abuse, no attempts were made to help her. Instead, after she was malnourished to about 30lbs, the parents were busted trying to burn the body in their garbage can in the front yard. But hey, we got those bastards now, and that girl’s memory will live on. Whereas, people who give a damn about their child enough to not subject them to the government-funded systems are ridiculed and confronted by DFACS; and as you can see in the story above – their children are removed from their custody…even if DFACS can’t maintain the well-being of the child.

SMH. Moving on.

Already you can begin to see the overlap of healthcare into schools, but it gets better. So now many Americans are losing coverage, paying more for it, or trying to avoid fines for not buying the coverage available. Right? So have you thought about why the government would want to destroy the insurance companies? Why would our government want to deal with peoples’ health? I mean, they can’t even balance a budget and we think they can write on health? Reminder, these are the same people approving pink slime, allowing diseased meat products to be consumed, support GMOs and Monsanto, have allowed toxic water to be consumed—need I go on? Remember, he who controls the food supply controls the masses. But I digress. We were talking about the healthcare reform – which is going to deliver a crushing blow to seniors, but they’re practically on deaths doorstep anyway, right? Funny how this administration is all about death and murder. I mean, they want tax payers to fund abortions. Don’t get me wrong: a woman’s right to choose is hers to make, she’s the one who has to live with her decision. In some cases, I actually think abortion should be more heavily considered, but I live by the Darwin concept that only the strong survive. Not that it’s relative here, the point is that abortions should be a private matter between a woman and her doctor. If the taxpayers have to pay, then we need to consider that more caution needs to be practiced and every abortion consideration should be run through those paying, don’tcha think? Again I digress. Sorry. Healthcare- so now the government has a clear view right into your body, knows what your ailments are and can prescribe something to make it all better, right? Or maybe there are some tests and experiments that need some human mice. Well, you won’t be told that, but I assure you… you will be convinced it is for your benefit.  So head to those concentration camps—I mean health clinics and get yourself checked. Don’t believe me? Don’t think this would ever happen? Neither did they.

Are you starting to see the dots?

If not… go smoke you one. That should help. Look, I’m not anti-legalization of marijuana. I’m anti-the-government-having-ever-put-their-hands-in-it. Hopefully you are already aware that the marijuana issue was decided by large companies (across the board from tobacco to clothing) that didn’t care for competition. But anyway, marijuana is making a comeback, and Mr. Obama is pushing it so hard he doesn’t care if his facts on the topic are completely wrong. In his statements regarding legalization he makes comparisons to alcohol and tobacco and suggests that marijuana is essentially no worse. Umm maybe what he meant to say is that marijuana would be a better choice than either, but that’s not what he said. Stay focused, though. It doesn’t matter what side of that you’re on. What happens when marijuana is legalized and being sold in cartons and taxed to death, and everyone in the country is stoned off their ass? Well, that simpleton job you have, you can now do it complacently. And who will control the marijuana flow at this point? What chemicals can we expect to be laced throughout our now legal substance? I don’t know, it seems to me that if I were a dictator and wanted to control the masses to such extents, I would certainly use what I know they want and I would manufacture it to serve my own purposes. And because we've been studying the human brain for so long, trust me, the science exists to completely obliterate a human’s rational thought and replace it with anything the controlling individual desires. Don’t think so? We could ask Aaron Alexis. Oh wait… no we can’t… he’s dead. Now, I’m not suggesting this was a side effect of any drug-related incident. What I’m saying is that it starts somewhere, and why not with the very drugs more than 70% of Americans (and who knows how many illegal immigrants) are fond of.

And we come to my concluding point…

First, understand what your constitutional rights are. This is not a document of laws. Constitutional rights are granted to us by our creator. They are conveniently jotted down by our founding fathers as a reminder. Over the years of America’s growth people have been convinced that these things can be altered, amended, adjusted, bent, broken, and twisted to satisfy an end goal of deprivation. Little by little there have been damages and infringements upon these rights which were never permission-based to begin with. Do not think for one second that just because these natural ideas and understandings were written down that it was for the purpose of satisfying needs of the times or that they can be subjected to human alterations. Shame on us for having forgotten that and allowed any amendments to be placed AT ALL. 

Among those “rights,” the right to bear arms has been under threat substantially. Why? Well, how can you be a good little sheep if you have weapons and the capability to defend yourself from that which you do not agree with? More and more we are seeing the greatest rise of the police state than we have seen throughout history. Answer this: when you wake up to the crappy educational system your child is enduring, and after you’ve refused their meds to zombify your child, and now DFACs is pounding on your door threatening to take your child (and yes, they show up with ARMED police officers), what will you do to protect your family? What will you use if you have complied with disarmament? You will do nothing but submit. What choice do you have, right? Do you think it will end there? Comply sheep, or you will be squashed is the new police motto. After all, it’s not a police officer’s duty to protect and serve as we once thought… rather they enforce the law. So what happens when the “law” puts you on the bad-guy side along with convicted killers and criminals? Good luck fighting them off when your right to bear arms has been stripped and you’ve sheepishly turned in your weapons.

There you have it. Dots connected. The future isn’t looking so good and now is the time to decide if you’ll stand or bow. I for one will stand. I will fight. I will not lay down my guns. You will have to pry them from my cold dead hands. I hope more of you will make the same vow.

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