Monday, January 13, 2014

A Future worth Fighting For

There has been no greater study conducted than that of the psychology of man. The reason for this is heavily associated with man’s natural desire to control. As early as the dawn of human kind, the species has been enthralled with the mind and making it function in particular manner. To this very day, that is the only thing I remember about what I learned in psychology class in high school. Presumably so, because it was accompanied by this story about how cave man would deal with cave people who were acting peculiar. The resolve of these cave-chiefs was to bludgeon the fool in the head with a rock. Yes, this is how vulgar it was when I heard it. This method worked for a couple of reasons: 1) there was some kind of bump or something that was affected (I don’t really remember this reason much) and 2) the tactic usually resulted in death, thus preventing further unsolicited behavior.  That’s the important part if you ask me, so maybe that’s why I remember it so well.

Anyway, that’s not exactly why I’m jotting this today, but it is related. Today, I will (eventually) address a mission that I am personally on, and feel that we should all be on.

Now, my assumption is that if you are reading this, you are awake and aware of the current conditions surrounding our country, or at least you are aware on which side of those I stand. I think we all are also privy to what is necessary to come, and understand that it is nothing short of unpleasant. To summarize, we as citizens are being asked to defend the country with our lives in a civil war. Very summarized version obviously, and I’m all for it. Basically, civil war has to happen and is long overdue.

Unfortunately, no matter how much even the most powerful voices call for it, there will not be enough backing to warrant the slightest fear from our over-powered government.  (By the way, from here on out, let’s just make it clear that any reference to “the government,” “they,” “leaders,” “politicians,” or any other term in that regard, is the understood version reference to the “people we pay to run our country.”) And don’t misunderstand me as not supporting the cause when I say that.  It’s just a matter of fact that I have come to realize. You can ask me why, or just ask yourself.

Think about all those little things – those freedoms – we’ve lost. Think about our educational system. Think about the massive advance in our technology; and the speed at which we expect all things to occur. When you ask people to visualize all the things that have been taken from us, it becomes a laundry list of hardship with which not enough of our country wants to go through the “lengthy hassle” of dealing.
 Knowing what we know about man’s desire for control through psychology, and the amount of time and energy that has been - and continues to be - invested into its study; we have witnessed the tactics of tyranny evolve to include attacks on religion, education, general liberties, race, sex, community, medicine… oh hell, can you think of anything that we have held sacred and untouched from the government? We have been cultivated through all of these means to accept infringement of our rights, deterioration of our faiths, devaluation of our educational system, and perversion of our societies.

                Examples: When the leaders wanted to control the pagans: they changed the religion; when they want dumber citizens they “fix” the curriculums; when they want citizens disarmed they alter the law to make it illegal to own weapons; when they want weakened men they convince women they can be equally strong or stronger (and vice versa applies); when they want to maintain status quo of minority groups they destroy the community surrounding them and entrap them in that environment; when they want to control behaviors… they prescribe medication capable of doing it for you… they even give you what you want (legalized marijuana).

We have provided better rights for criminals under the guise that somehow punishment for crime should be comfortable and convenient for the criminal…or worse… “People can be rehabilitated.” Mass media has plagued our thoughts to surmise that the outside world is vile and full of wicked things about to happen to us and that is normal so just expect it. Big business and crooked politicians have left us to believe that the only way to achieve greatness is through greed and corruption.

The fact of the matter rests in what is in our nature to do. Just as animals prey upon animals, it is human nature to be violent – especially in defense of our lives. Once upon a time, this behavior was not so frowned upon, and there existed no conflict in the thought of taking another person’s life…gruesomely. This is why the Romans had gladiators fight to the bloody death – because people reveled in death fearlessly. They enjoyed it.  

It quickly becomes obvious to dictators wrought with power, that people who can kill so easily are a threat to the absoluteness of their power – hence civil wars. So, they implement little, seemingly, insignificant tactics that alter the way people think and behave (in this case, the opinion of killing others).  Many will comply because it’s easier, isn’t much to ask, makes sense to them, or because it seems like a good idea. After all, when any new law or invention is promised to be for the good of all, how could it be bad, right? Right. Only after the fact do we realize we just “passed the bill to find out what was in it,” and it wasn’t anything good at all.

So many millennia have been spent on perfecting these psychological tactics in an effort to create the dumbest version of a servant, that what’s left is the few who are bright enough to refuse totalitarian dictators on power trips.  Even amongst those few are some who will comply with certain aspects of tyranny to avoid inconvenience.

Let me drive this further home. Currently, there are over 100 million unemployed Americans. Now, I’m not sure if that number includes the homeless or even the American veterans who’ve been given the shaft as a reward for their service. What I do know is that there are at least 100 million people being tactfully thwarted by the government’s lack of initiative in progressive movements to reduce those numbers and thusly their involvement in squashing the spirit of Americans and transforming them into brainless servants.

Sadly, that’s what happens when the human spirit is defeated; mindless servitude is more easily endured and accepted than standing up and fighting for your life. After all… you can’t kill someone, right? That’s immoral and gross… and stuff. 

The battle to encourage people to stand for anything is an uphill one; let alone asking people to die for something they’ve (and probably generations before them) never experienced. It calls for a power we don’t have…

…Or do we? (Here’s where I make my point, by the way).

The government doesn’t fear an uprising because they are completely aware of the shattered spirit. When they feel like the citizens are getting out of line they induce something like Sandy Hook to get people back in place. Top that with people calling for the restoration of a country that has never been great for everyone while at the same time warning them of history’s dirty habit for repeating itself; what you get is conflict across the board. I mean, why should blacks fight to restore the country? They didn’t have any decent history worth repeating. The same can be said for any group of people.

To combat a future of enslavement and the negativity stacked up in the American mind, the country does not need to be restored. It needs to be refitted with an American dream that represents a future everyone wants. Politicians use this tactic to win elections, except they never deliver. They make promises of a better, forward-moving change while never detailing how that change should occur. Assured that this will be something we want is exactly how people like Obama end up in office, but I digress.

The point is that you can’t expect many to be part of something that gives them nothing to believe in, or something not worth their life. My mission is to give that back to people with real and feasible solutions that start at the community level.

Let’s be honest, we can’t all agree on everything and in most cases anything. But there is something we all should be united in: safety and well-being.  I mean, have you ever come across someone that wanted to be broken, ill, fearful, unhappy, etc? I haven’t. I mean, I met a lot of people in my life that were complete jerks and had unfavorable opinions, but for the most part, if someone wants to live in a world full of crime and hatred, well, they can take their unhealthy aspects on life and go to hell (or to some undesirable location to wither away on Earth for those of you that don’t believe in hell ^.~).

The fact remains, if we are not united in such simple-minded ideas as safety and well-being, we can’t begin to build communities that provide the inhabitants with peace of mind that comes with them. If we don’t have that peace of mind, we remain prisoners of our own fears – just like our government wants its little sheeple.

Great! How do we do that, right?

It’s easy to convince people that they need money to do anything, but that’s just not the case. Amazingly, the same things that thwart our uprising are the same tools we can use to bring about these necessary changes. Technology has been systematically abused to create lazy individuals with no commitment to anything that takes too long to accomplish. But it also allows us to reach out to supporters further away. Maybe you do have an idea and just no idea how to carry it out. Well, reach out my friend. Because in the world of YouTube celebrities the only voice that goes unheard is the one that doesn’t say a word.

How about volunteering your time at the city level to be part of your community’s development? Perhaps you could organize an event that brings neighbors together. In this day and age, we have the power to inspire people from oceans away to invest in projects that have the potential to promote community involvement and improvement.

The list of things you can do goes on, but the reality is that people need their hopes and dreams restored – not the country. The constitution needs restored and re-instituted, but not the country. The country needs a promising future, not avidly painted images of everything we’ve lost. Still not with me? The place to start is in identifying the future leaders of the America that will be. The people that will replace the leadership we’ll be throwing out when we launch our civil war (it’s just an assumption at this point that people in power want to stay in power and will abuse whoever serves their purpose in order to maintain that power, and thusly, we will have no choice, but to kick their ass personally from here to next week to get them out of office).

However, new leaders will have a lot to bring to the table. Our country is in turmoil because no one can trust anyone. Particularly, anyone seeking a role of power cannot be trusted. We need leaders that are completely transparent and bring real, feasible plans that give people something worth fighting for: an America we can all believe in because she represents exactly what she was designed for (uhh… after we took it from the natives… sorry about that y’all…unfortunately we can’t go back in time, so how bout we just let bygones be bygones and fix this mess together, eh?).

We can all start by looking in the mirror, working right in our own backyards… My mission has me starting right here in Snellvile, GA. Where does yours begin?

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