Monday, July 22, 2013

That Crazy Future

Alright, I think it's time to get a little crazy. You know what, though, it's my blog and I can totally do that if I want to. So let's get weird. Let's talk about the future. Why? Because it's so friggin' bright that it's blinding people... or not. Maybe the reason no one can see it clearly is because how dark and narrow it is.

Early in life we are introduced to the concept that power corrupts. Whether you use your corruptible energy for bad or good, it is destined to be abused in some way. Often you will hear me say "use your power for good." I say it as a reminder to myself and any audience that will receive it. I say it because I know the power of influence and the power of the individual who has been influenced to believe in something.

Among my own "powers" I am blessed with creativity and a way with the written word. I realize that not everyone may think so, and to that I simply say "you may like my words or you may not, if you're still reading- thanks a lot!" ^.~

As a self-proclaimed writer ( I have a blog, therefore I'm a writer!), I acknowledge that the words I write may affect others in ways I have never imagined; and with such "power" I acknowledge my responsibility  in saying things that may challenge views, but are ultimately a push for influencing people to consider the future.

Fueled by a tie to old fashioned ideals of the American Dream, I believe in my power to influence others to use their own power for the good of the future. And that is why I have found my niche in marketing. Marketing has studied the human qualities so well, they know how to get you to "buy" anything. What they have done is created a buying machine of consumers that are dumb and who will buy anything including the idea that government is good for them and their future. Instead of using their power to promote good stuff - like community togetherness - they focus on pushing garbage and messages of hate and division.

So using this knowledge, and knowing that the consumer has been dumbed down enough to thwart their true power against leaders, I ask you to think about this very basic idea that even Disney pointed it out. "You've heard of the golden rule, right? The one with the all the gold makes all the rules?" Well folks, open your eyes. Who are the gold-holders?

Don't jump to conclusions, this isn't an attack on all big businesses. But it is certainly a: 'hey how ya'all doin'?

So if you've been paying attention, many of you know I'm on my way to starting my own business. Honestly, I had no desire to jump right into my own company, but despite my intentions of learning more it wasn't happening. So I decided to go a route that would be favorable of a portfolio, and potentially some funding for my own future. I've found a niche that not only is working, but allows me to push what I believe in - a strong American future. That future includes safety barriers to protect the free market, boost competition, advance the quality of goods, increase the value of customer service, and create a flood of new opportunities. Because that's what America was built on... the idea of opportunity.

The problem is that we have done everything in opposition of ensuring the opportunity of our American future. We have relinquished power to people who have been consumed with greed. Sadly, they stand out in the open, and we continue to support them. Well, that time is about to get a not so subtle jolt, because the masses are uneasy. As the meme suggests - "what will happen when millions of EBT cards all read 'Error'" Now is a time for companies to reflect on the ways of history, reflect upon the role that big business played in fighting wars.

Companies like Facebook, and Microsoft which readily sell out the American public to silence truth, are now being used to control the masses. If you post something they don't like or doesn't promote their agenda, you are "Facebook jailed." Microsoft might as well have it's own chair beside your desk, because every keystroke you make is sold. These are just a couple of the big ones. But who will leave Facebook? Who will switch computers, operating systems, and cell  phones. You won't, and that is how these companies will dominate. These companies actively participate  in silencing the leaders of revolution, and in doing so have demonstrated on which side of this future they stand.

In an effort to re-balance the country, it will be necessary to rely on those leading companies that stand for excellence to participate. With them, we can rewrite the documents upholding the modernization of our country, and we can reaffirm the standards of better business practices to promote the health of the economy.

For those of you who have put your trust in me and my vision for a better future, I cannot thank you enough. I promise I will keep pushing my goals forward. Remember, every little dog will have its day, and the future is looking brighter already. :)

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