Wednesday, April 24, 2013

From the Best Place - The Heart

I call them: The Negative Nellies as I'm sure many of us do. These are the people who never seem to have anything nice or supportive to say. As an entrepreneur, I and many others come across these types everyday, and have for as long as we can remember.

I've spent many years surprised to find that these folks were people who I considered "required" to support anything I imagined. Many years, as in: I'm 30 and I'm just figuring it out. Better late than never, right?

So what am I talking about by "required?" I'm not necessarily talking about those awesome financial handouts (but I'm also not not-saying that... if that's your boat). I mean the people you  expect will go along with whatever you say just because they're your mom, or your dad, or a sibling, a best-friend - you get the point.

These people have notoriously been the very people that say or do the worst things in regards to your intentions. For some, this is just the right push. These people take on a prove-'em-wrong approach. Some succeed, and some fail. Some won't even try at all. Personally, I've done both; tried and failed, and failed to try at all. At those times the decision never really mattered.

Of course, as it is our human nature - especially as we near our 30s - we reflect and maybe even regret. We tell ourselves we can't change the past, and to learn from our mistakes.

In all my failures and reflections I have focused on the lessons - and trust me when I say there's been many, but that's another story and we're talking about support... or lack thereof... On this topic, I have the mother of all lessons, and its this: dismiss their methods and appreciate where it comes from... their love for you.

What? I know, right!

The people who love you the most tend to fear you being hurt by failure. Some people will go to great lengths to prevent you from facing a bad experience. The point is that it comes from their heart; and that they love you enough to stand in your way of "taking a bullet" shows they mean well and will always be there whether you succeed or fail. Count on them for what you know they will do and appreciate the knowledge that it comes from the best place - the heart.

...Of course, sometimes you just have  a real jerk on your hands that just needs to be showed what's up. Haha, I'm just kidding. Among the many lessons I've learned, take time to laugh has always topped the list. ^.~

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