Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What's "wrong" with our youth?

As a parent, I can honestly say that video games, television, and movies all influence our children. To deny it as truth would be a lie on my part as a parent. I watch how my own children respond to what they see on TV--I watch them act like the characters they see on TV. I have let them watch me play video games like Call of Duty and listened as they cheered me on when I reach a new level, blow someone up, or get a new weapon. They play video games like Mario kart, Legend of Zelda, and Lego Batman. Basically, bombs and death are a major component of the video games my kids are exposed to and play. And I agree, it all has an impact on my child's life. But so do I.

Where am I going with this, right?

Well,I play violent video games and watch violence in movies. If you've followed my posts, you know I like "fight" music to get my day started. And here's the frosting on the cake...

I'm also a gun owner. *gasp!*

You know what, though... I'm not eager to use them. The thought of really hurting people does not cross my mind. I don't use my gun to kill mosquitoes or house flies. I don't get the urge to randomly fire my gun in the air. I don't promote the use of guns to my children, but I explain what they are, what they do, and how to safely handle them. 

For the people with this misconceived idea of gun owners--sorry to bust your bubble. However, for the people still keeping up, we have a bigger point to make.

See, I'm a young marketer. And the more this country falls away from a free market, the more screwed I am. So when I see industry after industry attacked for their promotion of "negatively-influencing" products, I have to make a fuss. When I see us moving away from the the very things that make this country "free" I have to interject. When I watch our country's market take blow after blow for each scandal after greed-inspired scandal--I have to speak up. 

Because, here's the truth: the world isn't puppies and kittehs, folks. It was created through violence, turmoil, and tragedy. Death and massacre occur around us daily. When politicians use this to push policies and agendas, the lesser tend to agree with them; seeing only the food that's been put on their plate instead of digging deeper to make an informed decision. Just look at Sandy Hook...or don't and just accept what you've been fed.

So when politicians use these vile images to sell themselves, it's ok. But when video game makers and movie makers decide to exploit this vicious world's flaws, they are blamed as being the creators of the idea itself.
Well, unless videos games and movies found a way back in time; war, death, and violence have been a part of our world since its creation. Stop blaming companies for reproducing the images and "influences" our youths are already exposed to. 

But if we can't blame the makers of violent games and movies, what's really wrong with the children of our country that they can't seem to understand the difference? 

Take a look in the mirror. What are you doing about those influences? Do you think someone didn't tell me that shooting and killing people is unacceptable? Honestly, I don't remember, but someone probably did. A bigger reason I didn't grow up to be parents. 

Yea, it's the age old blame or thank the parents, right? No. Parents only provide the foundation. It involves a lot of participation to keep kids on the right track. If you're the parent that pretends throwing a kid into sports, or other organizations is enough to satisfy what they want in engagements...well news's not. And the age old saying that it takes a village--well, it does. Because how many times have you been the parent watching kids go toe-to-toe and decided to watch instead of be involved, because it wasn't your kid? How many times have you been able to provide a positive influence, and instead chose not to? How many have decided video games and movies are a great way to entertain your children without having to actually do something with them? How often have you neglected to hear your child was struggling in a class, or heard, but felt you couldn't help because the material was beyond you? 

The point is, if you push your kid towards these negative things, and you don't fill the gaps with positive anythings--you're going to get a child that demonstrates it in one way or another. Stop blaming companies for having a better grip on your child than you. Stop blaming the manufacturers of games and entertainment for creating evil. That existed long before game makers learned to promote it. Quit attacking gun makers and owners for death, when it's the same weapons that have been used to protect our freedoms. Then, start thinking, and quit letting those freedoms slip away through poor decisions. 

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