Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Moment on the Injured List

At the moment, I am babying my fingers and hand. The quick story is that I went to move a piece of exercise equipment that I had just finished using. I must admit, I saw it was smoking, and this was not a good enough indication to me that I should avoid grabbing it. So I did... and now it hurts. Duh! I've done worse than this, though. After mowing the lawn I went to put my mower away. I couldn't get it positioned right, so I decided I would just pick it up and move it into the place I wanted. Of course, in that situation, there was no smoke, just the general knowledge about engines being hot after use that should have better guided my intentions. Anyway, since I have to take a moment to pause my workout and ice my hand, I figured I could still type.

So currently myself and many others are following the NASCAR appeal for the 48 team. If you don't follow Stewart-Hass Racing, I suggest you do. If for anything, the user is pretty dern funny.

It's currently raining in my little southern nook of Georgia. It's alright, too, because I hate having to go out and water the yard. However, with all the seeds I sowed, water is kind of important. So yeah, YAY FOR RAIN!

Of course, that is not what I wanted to chat about in this post. I know so far this page has been just a mess of random conversations, and I thought it necessary to clarify my mind-blowing intention (at least this week's) for this site. We all are very aware of my desire to be rich. Just about everyday I come up with my "plan for life" that will lead me there. This is just another one, but it's kind of stuck. Since I can't seem to make a buck being someone else's muse, I've decided I should just be my own. I mean, I'm crafty, sometimes philosophical, witty, bold with expression, and I love to socialize! So I'm going to craft whatever I craft, write whatever philosophical, witty, or fantasmical (yes, I know that's not a word) shtuff (this one, too) comes to mind and I'm going to post it for everyone to enjoy. Probably not going to use Blogger to do this, though. Blogger is a stepping stone. But I mentioned that in the last post. I will definitely keep everyone up-to-speed with what I'm doing (no matter how insignificant it may be). So check back frequently, hit me up on Twitter and Facebook, and be lively here. Otherwise, just enjoy my ramblings :)

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