Monday, March 12, 2012

Just Awesomeness

It's been quite the week for me here in Snellville, GA. We celebrated my daughter's 2nd birthday just yesterday, in fact. Hooray for terrible twos! If you weren't able to keep up with her while she did all her birthday shopping, just go to my Facebook or Twitter page, and you can see all the highlights.

Anyway, as you can see, my blog page is going through some ch-ch-changes. I was absolutely mystified when Google Adsense wouldn't approve my account because of my page being "too confusing." They also said something along the lines of promoting discrimination, or something. Maybe they were mad that I mentioned bad driving by some of NASCAR's finest. Anyway, I thought this was mostly interesting because this is a Google site and I used all of Google's tools to put it together. So Google gave me the tools to create a mess! Thanks Google. No, it's not their fault. So I spent, probably a little more time than I should have, in re-configuring and redesigning my blog site. I brushed up some of my Adobe Photoshop skills and added a nice new banner. I had a very colorful background for about 4 hours, but it did some real damage to my brother's eyesight. After he recovered, he kindly suggested a  more professionally appealing glow for my page. And since I'm all about being professional (o.O) I went ahead and made some adjustments. If you have any changes or recommendations, feel free to share them. Keep in mind, I'm a rather simplistic person with not too much technological prowess. In other words: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Eventually, when this site starts bringing in the visitor counts that I want, I'll run off to Go Daddy or some other host site to park it in the "big boy" parking lot.

Just so I mention it before I forget it, I didn't get to watch the entire Kobalt 400 yesterday. I already mentioned it was my baby's birthday, but also, I had an assignment that I put off for too long during the week. I did catch the last three laps, and only did so because of the helpful Tweets I received to keep me informed of Tony Stewart's whereabouts on the track. If you haven't watched Tony throughout his racing career you won't recognize just how much he's changed over the years. I am particularly impressed by his running so far this season. I've noticed since he was a rookie that he really did nothing during the majority of the season. Most of his wins didn't happen until they started really counting. This season, though we're seeing him really go for the win in every race. I love it! That's the champion we're looking for in racing. Someone who knows that you race to win every race, not just some. I'm glad Tony Stewart's really shining on the track, and I hope he keeps it up.

On a side note to NASCAR racing, is everyone aware that Trevor Bayne needs a full-time sponsor? You know I'm all about Tony, but Trevor is young, good looking, and he can race! Tony Stewart is still all those things, too, but he's got sponsors. You can follow Trevor on Twitter, and you can show your support for his team by hash-tagging "SponsorTrevor" or by adding @SponsorTBayne21 to your own tweets. Remember, fans are the only ones capable of keeping NASCAR racing alive and well. There's a lot of drivers out there trying to make something of themselves. Trevor is one of the good ones. However, this post is long enough, so I'm going to stop blowing up people's skirts. I will get another blog posted shortly. Sit tight. And as always, thanks for following! Feel free to leave comments.

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