Sunday, March 25, 2012

Commercials Ticking You Off?

I waited some time before I posted this blog, because I didn't want it to be a series of blasts at people by which I was relatively bothered. However, it occurred to me that I would have to sum up the situation that led to this post for complete clarification. For protection of their identity I am not using names. I will simply use @PeronIDisagreeWith1 and @PersonIDisagreeWithMore. Onto to the post!

So as you know, I'm a racing junky. I get my fix from watching Speed Channel and on the weekend--NASCAR racing (go Tony--by the way!). As of late, there's been all sorts of stuff coming up that stops me from enjoying the race personally, at home, on my couch, on my decent sized TV, maybe with a beer. Today was no different. I had to go get the tires on my van changed. Well I didn't have to... I chose to because my husband said he'd stay home with the kids. That's like a vacation to me. Of course, I didn't expect it to take as long as it did, but that's not the point of this post. Anyway, when these events come up, I stay up to date with the series of posters tweeting on Twitter. In particular, I follow @theNASCARfans and several other accounts whose purpose is to draw attention to companies for gaining more sponsors in the sport of racing.

Now, I think @theNASCARfans started this approach, and I loved the idea. It has certainly taken off, too. David Stremme displayed the logo on his own car. Since then, there have been other accounts arise with the same intention, some for specific drivers, but mostly for the same purpose. Let me be clear, this was NOT related to @theNASCARfans. This was another account of the same intent whom I no longer follow for their--I'm keeping this clean, so I won't finish my thought and we'll just call them @PeronIDisagreeWith1.

Anyway, @PeronIDisagreeWith1 tweeted about the many commercials. The person even counted the number of commercials to laps driven--basically made a math/science and countdown to commercials. I really didn't pay that too much mind. I just shook my head and ignored it. However, @PeronIDisagreeWithMore chimed in with their opinion of the race as "boring" and needing the saving grace of rain. For some reason, this just begged me to chime in. So I kindly reminded the two that they could change the channel if they were so unhappy with the race and all it's commercials. Well @PeronIDisagreeWithMore must be a nutty liberal or something, because instead of coming back to me with anything pertinent, they persisted in childish ridicule and bickering with me. Honestly, with me?! Are you serious? I also reminded @PeronIDisagreeWith1 that the purpose of their account is like that of @theNASCARfans--to get sponsors to look this way, and by bitching about the commercials they were indeed doing just the opposite. These people swore they realized that sponsors are the ones that keep these cars on the track, on our TVs, and thus deserved their air time. But @PeronIDisagreeWith1 insisted that the itty bitty space taken up on the cars was enough commercial for all the sponsors, and we the fans should not have to watch commercials. @PeronIDisagreeWithMore suggested I was overstepping some boundary with a lack of expertise on the subject. Maybe @PeronIDisagreeWithMore should get to know someone before they make such claims. I'm a student of Marketing already holding one degree (not a big one, but probably one more than @PeronIDisagreeWithMore). I have natural awesomeness for marketing in general which is why I have chosen to study in the field. When I bust into the career, I'm going to rock whatever company I work for. But I digress. @PeronIDisagreeWithMore then insisted that the commercials aren't even focused on the teams with lesser sponsors. This is where my post comes from.

It doesn't take a genius or someone with a degree in Marketing to know that you don't bash the sponsors if you want to keep them. Next point, teams have MANY sponsors. Some big and some small. The ones that get noticed are the ones that pay the most. So those teams with small-time sponsors aren't going to have commercials because their sponsors put all the money into the team. They get their shine when the driver wins and thanks those sponsors. Even the big-name drivers have smaller sponsors you rarely hear about, because it's all about the dough. Some sponsors sponsor more than one driver just so they can bring us more drivers. Guess where all their money comes from? Well they don't pull it out of thin air. They most likely don't get it from the government. They get it from the consumers. They get it from the fans who are loyal to our drivers so much that we choose to buy products with the drivers face/number/logo on it. They air commercials that help us remember just who sponsors our teams, just who keeps the race on our TVs, and just who keeps our ticket prices down.

Now, that being said, I agree that commercials can be frustrating--especially when they get timed right before a good wreck or involve feminine odor, penis problems, absorbency of tampons, or other such unmentionables. But you know what? NASCAR does instant replays, and in most cases cuts right back to the race. I remember one station did commercials on half the screen and the race on the other half, which I thought was great. Maybe they (the data collectors of commercials) didn't find this very effective--honestly, I don't know and I'm not going to look into right now. The point is--the sponsors get their air time. They get that time based on how much they pay for it. They bank on our fanship to bring back the bucks they are spending on these teams. They will do it however it makes them money.  There is absolutely no way for all of the sponsors to be given their time as the cars rolls by--the whole show would be focused on the stickers. There's a great idea. -.- The point--if you don't want commercials, go to the race and watch it from the stands. Otherwise, don't make an  account (a copy-cat one at that) that feigns having a mission to acquire more sponsors for the teams and then bitch about the commercials. You are undoing all the hard work that true intended accounts like @theNASCARfans have started.

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