Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I've finally done it...

     I suppose my first post should be somewhat of a welcome. Once upon a time I was the person who vowed not to have a blog. Mostly this was because I figured I had nothing to talk about. How untrue that was. I basically never shut up. I have an opinion on almost everything. I maybe admit that it was more along the lines of "who would care to see my opinions?" Guess what I realized since then. It doesn't matter. There's a million blogs out there and this is just one more. Right?

     Mostly, I suspect I'll be talking about a lot of non-sense. I go to school--working on my Bachelors in Marketing. Why? Cause in my imagination, marketing/advertising/public relations is all tied to the big time. If it's not, someone please stop me now. Being a long time follower of NASCAR (and Tony Stewart more specifically), my end goal is to (one day) be involved in the promotion of NASCAR.

     Based on that, you can assume I am a bit of a red-neck, and you'd be about right. I wasn't born a red-neck. In fact, I was born in New York (the ghetto--well, one of the ghettos--of NY). I was swept away to South Florida not too long after (Ft. Lauderdale/Miami areas). I grew up in the sunshine state, and when I graduated from high school I ventured a little further. Not too far, though. I only made it to Atlanta, GA (ok, for real, my town is called Snellville, but it's close enough to Atlanta for me to still say I'm in Atlanta. Right?). I've been in GA for about 9 years now. So the twang and style of the red-neck has completely rubbed-off on me.

     I'm here with my husband and our three kids. I homeschool them through a great website (k12). You could say we've really embraced modern technology. You should know, I don't want to stay in this area of GA for much longer. I certainly don't want my kids wasting anymore of their time here. The only way out and onto the things that I believe in, and that I feel are the best options for my kids: get rich. I don't necessarily mean filthy rich, either. I don't necessarily need fame. I just need to do the something with my life that's going to put my family on top of our game. So that's what this is about. You interested in keeping up? Be my guest.

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