Saturday, January 21, 2012

It might not be about the money

So last night I mentioned an idea after a brief conversation with a fellow interviewee. This idea has me torn. As you know I aspire to be rich. Originally, my thought on richness involved luxury cars, yachts, frequent fancy parties, and the celebrity-type lifestyle. I'm not a shallow person--I just want to be. ^.~

The idea I had really put these desires into question. In fact, this proposition would seriously be more along the lines of "doing-good-things-for-others."  While the idea of that is not totally without its self-fulfillment, I hate to think that a course of action in such a way will ever lead to me being the rich and powerful person I aspire to be. Awww nuts! What the heck am I to do with this?

What value would you place on someone if they were trying to convince you that you, too, could be successful in everything you want? By that I mean, can a really rich and powerful person be an inspiration? Or can they only be envied? Who stands before the filthy rich listening to them say things like "here's how to be successful;" without thinking, yea, easy for you to say--you're already rich. Obviously, I'm ahead of my game. I haven't even landed the first job in my field of choice. Marketing--in case I haven't mentioned. BUT, I'll get there. No doubt.

What's my idea? Well, I can't really expose that just yet. It would take a lot of money to initiate such a large project. I don't have any, nor do I know anyone (personally) that has the resources. Not to worry. I've jotted down some notes. Daringly enough I've even jotted the workings of a business plan. Mostly, I was just calling into question the ability to be inspirational while being completely focused on self. Selfish--I know. But if I said otherwise, I'd be a liar. What's worse? Being selfish, or being a liar? The end result is that I'd like to use my earned riches to do some good in this world. So who's selfish now? If I could do some good without having to be rich, I certainly would. Let's not fool ourselves, though. Money is the driving source of everything we do in this world.

So now I'm considering what to me is 'rich.' Is it the focus on being a positive role model and influence on the world (yes--I said world cause I'm just that bighead--now back off), or do I really want the sexy lifestyle of fast, luxurious cars, and big mansions, bikinis on the bow of my 80ft yacht? Maybe it's not about the price tag. Just Saying.


  1. If you look at some of the rich people in all walks of life, they do "give" back. Pull up any one on the internet who is rich or even just well off and you will see where they either contribute or have a charity that they raise money for. This supposedly is a way of keeping good positive eneegies around you that help with the success the maintain.

  2. Everything you said is pretty much true. Hope your new business idea is successful!I I'm trying to sign in as a follower on your actual blog site (not and am having trouble doing it. Our blog site pages look very similar---check mine out as well. if you're able to figure out how to sign up as a follower on mine, that would be great, too. I'm just having a hard time with this Google connect thing!

  3. OK--was able to sign up as a follower but only with my email address, not my blog name If you can do the same for me at the actual blog site, that would be great. thanks! I look forward to reading new posts!

  4. I'll have to check out my settings, maybe I don't have a link for it. I am now following you. Great reads!