Monday, January 30, 2012

Big Dreaming

      My latest assignment in corporate financing fuels my argument that this course has very little to do with corporate finances so much as it has to do with personal finances. Anyway, this task required us to pick an asset we would like to save for over the next five years. Well, I don't imagine I'm too different from the rest of my lower-middle class brethren (if I'm even in middle-class anymore), so the thought of saving any kind of money for any reason was already one that was beyond me. For this assignment I had to use my imagination. You know me by now to know I imagine myself to be quite filthy rich. In my filthy-richdom, I chose this luxurious mansion in Boca Raton, FL to be my future investment. Do I pick 'em or what?! This four-story home looks out over a beautiful ocean (note the sun deck on the roof), has 5 bedrooms and 6.5 baths, an in-home theater, gym, 4-car garage (yanno, for the rides I keep close while the rest are safely tucked away ^.~),THE WORKS! 

You know who wouldn't want to live here? The Grinch! That's who! That guy is so content to live in the freeze tundra of Whoville. You know who else? The man I married. DOH! I'm not saying that the powder-white slopes of the northwest don't have their appeal, but year-round cold is certainly not my cup of tea. I'd rather wake up to the sound of waves crashing on the beach, and the sight of hotties with oiled bodies in swim trunks and bikinis. My yacht? It's at the port! And when I want to take a week away from the masses, I jump on that liner and go deep-sea fishing or diving, or skiing, or para-sailing! Why? Cause that's what you do in paradise! Sure you can do all sorts of stuff in the snowy mountains, but for the most part--you just freeze your ass off! Who digs being frozen? Not this gal. 

    So back to this assignment. It really got me thinking, wow, what big dreams I have. The house is currently listed at $7.5 million. Pocket change right? Let me write up a check right now! Haha I wish! So now I have to figure out what I'm going to do to make that kind of money in my lifetime. Short of some heavy criminal activity, I'm fresh out of ideas, because I know that even with the degrees I'm pursuing, that kind of money is going to remain a figment of my imagination. Squatting suddenly sounds interesting. Right? No, squatting is an all around disgrace. I feel sorry for the people that have no other option, as well as angry towards the people who are in the wrong. More than anything, though, I am mad at our country for letting this happen. 

     Not to brag, but this family has managed to hold on during this economic crisis. But many others have not been able to hang on. Unemployment rates are still ridiculously high (not that everyone on unemployment is actually pursuing anything, but still); the nation is torn by hatred and drenched in excuses from racism to political representation. It's a sad time to be around in what's supposed to be the greatest nation in the whole world. I'm just saying! There's still potential though--still hope for us to turn this country around. Still a chance that people like me could live in a mansion like that. However, it means more of the people in this country need to open their eyes and really see what's going on. Quit clinging to the excuses your fed, or the excuses you come up with for accepting this country the way it is. Things are all wrong right now. Only the people can demand changes. What changes will you demand? I for one will demand--from myself--a higher standard of living. That means having the right education, the right job, the right motivation, and the right goals. This is just big dreaming now, but when I hold myself to it--it'll be big reality. What are you holding yourself to?

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