Monday, June 25, 2018

Letter to (Y)our President

Hello Divine readers! I know it's been a hiatus, and not for a lack of unexposed truth and enlightenment to be told. That is not the basis of this article, though, and I will not begin to explain that story now. I will eventually update my bio and if you're interested you can read there.Regarding this topic, I will prelude with where you are and from where this piece’s motivation derives. 

           Divine America has always attempted to expose the violations of humanity that are

destructive to our inherent future--that is, the generations to come. Our foundations for discussion at Divine America also recognizes in that violations occur on all sides of all peoples’ coins. As such, there's no recognition within the Divine America of law and governance, you could say, a bit anarchy. There is only respect for natural law, compassion, and blunt freedom (though, I do try to keep my terms of a PG rating, F-bombs are very prominent in the discussion of freedom). That said—Divine America does not seek to align itself with compliance to man-made laws, and further, selecting a “leader” out of a pool of secret society sinisters. There is no support to be found here for the henchman of the state who enforce the mafia-style tactics of extortionist governments. There will be no censorship to protect you from the offenses of my two cents, and my two cents shall be unmerciful. What that means is you're likely be offended at some point here, no matter what side of any coin you fall on. Freedom does not concern itself with sensitivity, just as peace does not find itself without weapons. Words are our weapons which cannot be taken effortlessly (for now).

Status tends to determine how impacting those words can be, as we've seen in so many presidencies already. That is what we are here to expose. That is why the following is dictated to (Y)our President. No part was taken, or written, to acknowledge the running candidates, or to sway readers as a means of demonstrating our favor towards one side over the other. We have identified actions of the candidates that exemplify condemnation and prohibition of freedom, a task in which more worldly leaders are interested than we care to acknowledge. However, if the rest of the country wants to participate in the illusive games put on for them by the elected leaders, then so be it...knock yourselves out. I’m just going to quietly write about it, as is my freedom to do so. Now, let's get to the meat and potatoes of a Letter to (Y)our President…

Dear Mr. Trump,
I have remained an observer throughout the progression of your role as president. From candidate to elect, you certainly reached the hearts and minds of many. Some would even go so far as to credit you the answer to their prayers and a messiah of sorts. Considering how many said the same of Mr. Obama, I’m sure that does not impress you to know. After all, who was really impressed with any of Obama’s accomplishments? Those who were are questionably still free to expand their misguided views of what is good and right for America. Like the remaining chip that brought the Terminator back, Obamanites are with us now and forever, threatening to reign down a plague of new age communism shrouded in rainbows and leather and screaming about equality for the emerging 23 sexes they’re questioning themselves to be.
Mr. Trump, your own zombies are no better, and (although criticism is steadily amassing against) you are of the status influential enough to have steered that herd in a direction that has not made America great... at all (not that it ever was, despite what the slogan implies). America has never been great for everyone. She could be. There are certainly examples throughout the few hundred years of her existence in which multitudes of the cultures that make up our country have found common ground in our coexistence and made life rewarding to explore. To say, though, that we have ever been great enough to take our nation back to a time in which you feel it was would be immensely limiting to our potential as a growing leader among nations. Unfortunately to the globe, we stand poised like a pit bull ready for a fight. While I dislike using such a reference as I have an affection for the poorly reputed pups, it's fitting, because much like the behaviors of an angry pit bull, it's directly influenced by poor upbringing. Poor 'Merica here was raised on blood shed, tears, and deceit. 

But America is still young when compared to other countries across the globe, and currently we are the spitting image of the spoiled only-child of rich folks. It’s not just the snowflakes crying over every little thing that offends them, or the self-absorbed capitalists and republicans (who are so far out of touch with the citizens it's amazing they took office). It’s the lack of compassion our country has been able to discover since inception that prohibits us from becoming the truly great America we were meant to be. Like a plague, this cruel nature has been adopted by the majority of Americans. To have compassion does not mean to let the world walk all over us. It means to have the world respect our nation and take example from us to make their own country better. It is unfathomable to comprehend how we are so many “leaders” into the growth of America, and we have yet to realize the secret sauce to inspiring our nation and the world.

You are clearly a person of great influence--that is obvious. I would dare you to acknowledge, though, that your current influence will not contribute to Greater America. There have been great strides in developing Global Peace--let's not discredit that; but it pleads to know how vested you truly are in peace, when the attitude towards our nearest neighbors is “stay out or else!” The backlash of certain images has thankfully put a halt on separating families, which is what inspired this letter. Unfortunately, the damages are done to those who have already endured so much. Actions such as these beg to question if we all truly understand the founding of this nation, and if so, why we have not progressed from our poor tactics in immigration matters.

I would jest that the Great Wall of China was not exactly built under optimal conditions or funding, and they got it done; but quite frankly, isn’t it about time that we stop acting like this earth is ours to encapsulate in imaginary borders and lines of ownership. What’s more perplexing is why we have not one-upped the Great Wall with a Great Opportunity. Supposing it’s because we have fixated on keeping our southern friends out, we will never come to resolve that pesky border situation, because clearly, they want in.
            In acknowledging that our existence on this floating (very round) rock is one shared together, despite what we think are our differences; we might begin to see a vision similar in nobility to that of Martin Luther King’s (except in which people are not barred by territorial walls--physical or imagined). The Earth was not made so vast in order to prohibit her creatures from exploring it, but to encourage the migration of inhabitants to gain experiences. Sorrowfully, the travels of some are inspired by negative circumstances; something in which most Americans do not have a fresh take. Divine America is not oblivious to this fact.

            Instead of becoming a true answer to the prayers of people, and a nation to be respected, we find further ways to indignify them and embarrass ourselves. Of course, it makes sense to know and identify the people coming into the country (and more specifically, what they may be carrying into the country with them) as a means of “keeping our country safe” (this is what compromise looks like). What does not seem so compromising is the lack of finally establishing a permanent solution to the flux of incoming people at our southern border. Supposing on this side of the border, we’ve forgotten that we are dealing with people. It has been a time since any native-born Americans have had to endure the kind of hardships that would force them to flee their country. Sure, the Trump-testers with their public squalling would have outsiders believe otherwise, but the reality is that most Americans have it cushy enough not to want to leave the country (even over an undesirable in the white house, but I think it's safe to say we have all experienced that).
            In the effort of world peace, one would think “leaders” by now would recognize the importance of not closing doors per se. In fact, why have we not tried building doors?

There’s a claim that many Americans are in need of work. Great! Sounds like there’s an opportunity for building housing facilities along the borders for accommodating large numbers of displaced people. Sounds like there is an opportunity for processors, data entry specialists, analysts, and educators to begin processing the people coming in. Whether it takes a year, or ten, these facilities should be a self-maintained community, equipped to assist these families in finding their place appropriately within our country, as well as to funnel out the threats.

Naturally, extending opportunities to those with a mutual interest in progressively changing their lives and the lives of their children, will result in a eagerness to cooperate with our processes and even adopt some of our American traditions. More so, our borders become more protected, and resourceful to our entire country as the inhabitants can secure and farm the land, contributing in many ways to our economic growth, and international relations.

Such work-entry compromises would satisfy all parties, yet America acts like this is alien education. Unlike the snowflakes who arrive to the table with all-whining complaints and no real solutions, Divine America does not pretend the world is all puppies and kittens, and we come with real solutions. Such a feat is not as simple as waving a magic wand, except for you with a magic pen. Clearly, you are a smart man, but I fear not at all in touch with compassion for people. You have the ability to make peace through force, but you have yet to realize the solutions to the issues at the border. Perhaps it’s because like most, you are not seeing the real issue. This world is so small. As such, one would imagine the common goal of any leader upon her to be that of good-for-all. We are all susceptible to the same tragedies. Eventually, there will be one that comes to remind us the Earth was never ours to claim or conquer, and that we are merely a guest upon her. Just as any other inhabitant before us, we can fall at her whim. 

Divine America                                  

Monday, January 4, 2016

On the Thread of Liberty: The Real Team America Stands

The Thread by which the constitution hangs is threatened more and more every day.  As politicians, left-wing liberals, and tyrannical Presidents contract behind closed doors to pass bills diminishing the rights of citizens and thwarting the ability to protect themselves, it is not a far stretch of any imagination the truth behind the plot of our very own government. Coupled with their the expanding interest in supporting “radical Muslim” actions and moving Syrian “refugees” into our nation, it’s even less of a stretch to say the elected leaders of America are siding up for something— and it’s not the American side they’ve chosen.

Unfortunately, the resolve of the American populace in response to these actions has fallen on deaf ears. In fact, despite growing effort of the awakening citizens and outcries for change across social media, the words have made no impact. The marches and protests have all failed to do what they set out to accomplish. It has consistently, and perhaps by design, been the action of proud patriots that has provided the greatest impact. Among the greatest victories of the modern patriot movement in which actions have proven to be the only effective means of response was during the Bundy Ranch standoff. The event saw true patriots come together in support of a common goal: keeping the government at bay and under control of the people as it was always intended to be.

However and since then, the people of our once great nation have fallen back into a slumber— one in which griping on social media has sufficed a stand in the minds of would-be patriots crying for someone to do something. Now, we stand here again on the brink of a standoff with the same entities attempting to starve Americans of their rights and rape them of their property. While some have risen to accept the duty of keeping the factions of the government at bay, many among the Patriot movement have elected to withhold support. Worse, they have gone as far as to demonize the group of citizens who have placed themselves in the line of fire for a fellow American;  claiming the tactics to be equally as terroristic as those which brought our country to its current state of weakness and divide.
Deemed The Real Team America, a select group of leaders: Ryan Payne, Blaine Cooper, Jason Patrick, and Jon Ritzheimer, have occupied Malhuer Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon— a property owned by the people and for the people, yet failing to uphold its respective place in honoring the rights of the people it was intended to protect. Rather, this distinct group of the country’s BLM henchmen have once again made the move to push people from the property in an effort to expand their own interests. In these interests the Hammonds of Harmon County have been victimized by our government-- dragged through rigorous torturers for an accident that left 139 acres of burn region burned and snuffed out by the creators. Essentially a self-serving incident that saved the BLM time and money while supplying them with leverage to force the family from their lands.

The boots of The Real Team America stepped up in defense of the Hammond family. They did something that had been begged for by thousands of awakened minds. Though their actions have been painted and misconstrued in the most violent of pictures, the truth is they simply walked into an empty and unlocked building, and stayed. Not exactly the grand relay the public received from left-wing media. Yet as we face the potential of another Bundy Ranch standoff, we have to ask where the Patriots stand. The Real Team America stands on the threshold of liberty, dangerously close to breaking the final threads holding our
Constitution together, but not by their doing. Instead it will be at the first shot of the henchmen and the would-be three percenters failure in supporting the very action they cried for. That leaves us at this, Patriots: on the grounds of liberty, where do you stand? If you believe this to be of little to no consequence you, allow me to propose this: whether you own property or not, the government has its hand in all of your transactions. They stand in line right above the banks. Do you truly believe that there will never come a time when the government wants what’s yours and will send its henchmen to take it from you? If you really believe it will never happen, by all means keep griping on social media— because words are really powerful.  Or you can realize now, that the threat of martial law is not even feasible, and would serve the government no leg to stand on against the citizens. You can realize now, that it doesn’t benefit the BLM, DHS, or the FBI to turn the Malhuer Wildlife center into the Ruby Ridge or Waco Texas that everyone believes it will be.  Rather, it’s time to stand up and recognize the power you hold as a citizen of America to rise against tyranny and redress your grievances.  We the People are the strength of this nation. But we only stand that way when we stand

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Where Liberty Stands: When Enough is Enough

What does liberty stand for in a time when the defining symbols of the word have been leveraged for a sense of presumed “tolerance” and security; distorted by politicians for a vote; and commercialized by the very companies supporting all sides of war, hierarchies, and control? What is liberty but a word whose meaning has been contorted over the centuries of misplaced anger and dependence-stricken societies to mean anything but what it once stood for? As a tool it has been used to inspire events such as the burning times, and synonymously with the concepts of terrorism.

Is terrorism the look of liberty to those who’ve never set a foot out of their comfort zone to stand for something they believe in? Regrettably, it is the charge of freedom to demand a people face these ridicules if they wish to live unmastered by an overextended government. Though we would identify as anything, but terrorists; the truth of our story will not be discovered until long after our passing and after years of demonization by those who control the masses. Our story will be told by people who are labeled conspiracy theorists, non-conformists, and tin-foil hat wearers. People like our good friend “Martin”- whose resolve has left
him behind bars; confined to house confinement for a year following his sentence; and extensively extorted for good measure – suffer for our incompetence in seeing a problem with being locked away for driving without the proper state-approved permission slips on your vehicle. People like yours truly, who one day forgot to take their daily dose of compliance elixir before being accosted by Atlanta’s finest, simply for taking too long to load at the airport. The people who’ve simply decided they’ve had enough bending to the rule of the state for the sake of keeping order and generating revenue for a corrupt system.

The truth is We never win. Too many – even amidst the wolves – fail to see the honor in our effort, because they are still compelled to cling to the rule of man, for a false sense of security that will never be theirs, lest they become willing to take it with their own hands, and at the risk of their own flesh and blood. This level of awareness is rare, but growing, as it requires a way of thinking that expounds beyond the confining rationale of human thought and etiquette to accept that which it cannot fathom as a possibility without trapping the seeker to believing firmly one way or another. So damning are the anti-qualities of these ideals, because they serve only one purpose: fueling fear – through which arises anger and hatred.

Many will look upon these individuals in detest, cursing their actions as senseless, and even anarchist. First, it’s necessary to acknowledge that not all of these instances involving defiance against the state are part of an elaborate move to make asses out of police or civilians. Equivocally, we can concede that some are indeed poor cries for attention. Regardless, the ones that hold a firm ground in truth and reality ought to serve – even to the newly awakening mind – as a tool of learning and growth; whether it be what to do or what not to do. As liberty’s call waits for no one to be ready, no one can simply say they will never be in a position to take such a stand. This comes from experience, as once upon a time – and even as the writer for such events – I never suspected I would be the one defying the overstepping of law up close and personal. It was clear to me that I had people for that, and I was just the writer. But as my mentors in freedom have discovered for themselves and as I did for myself, you don’t get to pick your battle. The battle picks you. Unfortunately, that’s something that you will likely never understand, until it happens to you. Hopefully whatever straw breaks your back, and demands your action will not see you dragged across the coal. While my own consequences have yet to be decided, our dear friend has already undergone tremendous tortures for his actions. Daniel Crumpton put it eloquently, but here’s my summary of his words: If you’re not prepared to accept the burden of the consequences, it’s safer to avoid committing the stand. Some battles come with little fines and community service. Other opportunities mean prison time. Your willingness to tangle with those real serious consequences should ultimately affect your actions.

 “When citizens stop complying with laws, the legitimacy of government comes into question, especially in nondemocratic states -- or so goes a prominent strand of political thinking. But what if citizens are doing something subtler, such as disobeying in order to enact smaller, more incremental changes?”

In the meantime, others condemn individuals of such rebellious behaviors as terrorists, non-conformists, extremists, anarchists, witches… So readily we commit them to the charges that come with these labels simple because we do not understand the point they are trying to make. For the most part, humans enjoy law and order (not just the hit TV show either). They take comfort in the knowledge that someone can always be held accountable. This kind of thinking leads to the exact mess we are in today. Sadly, not many have experienced their final straw, their breaking point, or their “liberty-calling.” Many more never will. Doomed are we who see a future un-ruled by dictators with armies and henchmen, but rather, communities of people doing what people ought to do for one another; because we are before our time – we are the betas.

Until more are faced with their enough-is-enough circumstance, and liberty - in all her glory - is sitting on their shoulder whispering that it’s time to say “no;” the few of us who have stood and will continue to do so will be found locked away for later burning at the stake. That’s where Liberty stands.

The time is quickly approaching where people in mass will be faced with Liberty’s calling, demanding them to fight or comply. The question is: when your label alone condemns you to the flame – will you go peacefully, or taking as many down with you?  Eventually this movement will call for patriots to stop convicting one another and start showing compassion even for the positions we may not fully comprehend. In going forward, I can only hope that when your personal calling to fight presents itself, you respond with grace and refined sense; and remember patriots – freedom responsibly.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Amidst Brewing Division, America Intends to Vote. Again.

With curiosity spanning across the nation regarding military training practices, U.S. debt on the rise, and friendships with Cuba restored; the 2016 elections are shaping up to be chock full of irrelevant fluff, as usual. But, what difference does it make? Hillary Clinton is on the ballot with a promise of a “New Adventure” and a “New Chapter,” which sounds neither promising or like an adventure America wants to take. Not that we are tired of the flip-flop promises delivered by politicians to land their seat, but selecting a President that will do the job right is about as challenging as finding the right woman. Unlike politicians, how to attract women comes in a handy guide. Politicians come with dirt—literally and figuratively.

The years leading up to the next election have certainly provided an eye-opening experience for most Americans (as is proven by the positively-named Presidential Approval rating sitting below 50 percent). All these eyes are now focused on the mudslinging debates in hopes of selecting the next potential hope for the U.S. Fortunately, with real issues like education and unemployment on the backburner, Americans can continue to divide themselves over concerning pushes for gun control, immigration, global warming, and abortion.

Luckily, plenty of candidates are running for each party; but Donald Trump’s presence on the Republican card certainly trumps the playing field—with curiosity. With his exemplary skills showcased in his hit reality show - The Apprentice, Trump’s familiarity with a large voting populace may prove to the Republican advantage. Hopefully, however, he has deep enough pockets to keep the rumor mill at bay; otherwise, the nation might realize he’s not as rich or powerful as he illuminates himself to be.Honestly, it's just a shame we didn't listen to him about Obama.

One thing is for sure, the election of 2016 is going to be a turning point for the country. Dirty laundry is being flung and scandals revealed, and America is ready and waiting for it with voter I.D. in hand… or not. And while there is a growing concern for the usefulness of the vote (or its integrity for that matter), America— whether they believe in the vote, or are just going through motions— intends to do just that: vote. Again.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Heart & Soul-dier; the Longwinded Explanation why a Soldier will Shoot You When SHTF

When one reflects on the impending doom awaiting us at the end of any cycle—be it personal or worldly—it becomes a daunting reality as to how royally screwed we really are. Even as I write this (which at first is done by hand on paper), I condemn myself for my blessed curse. For why must words come so effortlessly when I sit with pen and paper, yet flee at the site of a computer screen? Every decent writer likely has the top-rated voice recognition software, I tell myself. Of course, I do too, but like losing weight—nothing is going to happen by nonuse and eating chocolate. Just owning the software and installing does not a page of words create.

But just as I’ve been blessed with the skill of words, it doesn’t extend beyond the paper. Being not the type for public speaking—or maybe just speaking my thoughts out loud—the idea of talking to my computer has not gone well, and therefore, I must continue to write by hand. This is great for so many reasons, and has very much to do with the past, present, and future traditions of our “great” nation, while breaking down the notion of whether or not our military will open fire on citizens. As the title suggests, it’s kinda longwinded. But you’ll understand, I don’t apologize for that.

So what could be so great about writing by hand? I mean, it takes longer, and the potential to forget what I was thinking before I get it written down is pretty high. On top of that, once I get it all jotted down fast enough, there’s the likely event that I can’t read half of what I wrote.

What’s so great is that, as with any art, it takes time and focus to write something amazing—not just a blog or book, but anything people take something from, like a life lesson, or something. How’s that for ‘great with words?’ The point is, it takes a lot of love to commit to our art—to anything—that in 
this fast-paced world will consume so much of our short time here. It’s the very reason why art is transforming into a digital monster, being used by industries such as marketing, film, and entertainment. We are able to mass-produce digital art quickly and without real thought or emotion, without knowing we’re really pushing out messages to the human mind. We push words out quickly to achieve a number of “likes” or “shares” and we don’t have a real concern for what the words say or mean. In most cases, we share things that we think are pretty awesome, pretty cute, pretty sexy, or pretty disturbing. And if it’s not that it’s advertising. By slowing down and focusing on a message, writing it down first is like my “think before I speak” moment. In the immediacy of updating Facebook and twitter of exactly what we’re thinking, or doing, at this exact moment, this filter has been lost—along with our ability to proofread. So guilty.
Whether we admit to it or not, it is a sort of desensitization to real-life scenarios—a screen, or veil we cast over ourselves that says “it’s okay to say this because the majority of people are saying it and a lot of people will like it.” An hour from now, you’ll either have sparked the daily Facebook piss-off that gets a lot of comments of varied ideas, or will have passed with little more than a few “amens.”

Often, the person who spends time focusing and putting love into their art reap the most beneficial experiences. It’s great that I can’t be bought into another product of the mass-producing agenda, because it gives me time to think and rethink. Is whatever I’m putting out expressing my full potential in whatever it is I do?

What about what you do? Are you among the vast majority who’s plugged into the digital revolution?
Many don’t like the word “revolution” which seems silly to me. The human race has terms to identify all kinds of things and then shies away from using those terms out of fear or offense. The truth is we label things because it’s easier than getting to know exactly what they are. It’s easier to formulate an idea with a label attached to it and simply identify things by that label. But let’s not go there just yet.

Not many are blessed with the ability to educate others (or know-how for that matter). After four years of homeschooling, I will say it hasn’t always been fun or easy, but most blessings never are. Anyway the opportunity has afforded me the chance to educate myself in areas I never would have again. For instance history; strangely, I love history, but it’s written so dully that I often fall asleep before I ever really absorb what I’m reading. Now that the world is going to hell and a hand basket and I have to teach my kids about history (because the public school system failed), it’s real easy to see where we went wrong. To make a long story longer, homeschooling demanded my love and focus on my kids and help me to identify a truth that every revolution—while seemingly good—has pulled us further and further away from what it appears (more and more every day) we are supposed to be.

From even the time when caveman began simplifying work, we have done nothing but find easier ways and solutions to everyday situations. We left the thinking up to inventors and enjoy the luxury of being able to sit back with our feet up for just a few minutes longer. The result of such movements has been the populace we have today, full of couch potatoes and keyboard warriors talking about the very revolution that they’ll not take part in, that is—unless upon a very specific set of terms, and on a weekend because they have work on Monday.

Effectively, we’ve exchanged the concept of “love for one’s country” to “love for status.” It’s that overwhelming sense of pride and loyalty one feels to his nation (as it has been so kind and rewarding to him) that inspires him to take arms against all enemies foreign and domestic, who would threaten the traditions and values we uphold most. Traditions as simple as the pen to the paper. But we don’t have a love for country.

We implemented, just as we did everywhere else—a system of hierarchy. At every level of the populace hierarchy based on value of one’s assets became the lay of the land. We appointed others to hold authority over us—we who were all created equal and free (wo)men-- as if vested with power from a higher being, these people somehow held the prerequisites to hold such authority over us. Were they gods? Cause gods are the only beings to which we give power over ourselves. They were not gods… but they lead us to believe only they could reach God.

And because property and material possessions determine the worth of a person, we have textiles beaming mass made art to display on your appearance exactly who you are and what you stand for. People and companies profit in the billions while the world swarms in a cesspool of vile thoughts and outlets to express them immediately and without thought and emotion. That’s a bit judgmental. Though, considering we have the freedom of speech, it could be written off as just a difference of opinion that doesn’t matter, because it really doesn’t hurt anyone.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your type) we have become too much of competitive nation for all the wrong reasons. We’ve made no advancements out of a loving, true desire to make a difference in anyone’s life, but our own. How often have we initiated something with the thinking that this is going to pay off? We’ve been conditioned to call pay raises, bonuses, and benefits motivators; but the reality is, they are simply distractions that pull us further away from the very things they don’t want us to see. When you start researching and seeking things on this level, you do so out of love, and you begin to pick up on a pattern of violations against the loving nature of our being since the dawn of man. You understand why they outlawed certain music, and why they promote sex versus love. As there has been no greater study than that of the behavior of man, it’s simply not surprising to see where we are and what we’re headed towards if we continue on this path.

No one wants to be told there being conditioned, but the reality is that it’s occurring every day and you don’t even realize it. Even the people who think themselves “awake” generally have no real
comprehension of just how deep the proverbial “matrix” goes. It’s when you get to this point that you see truth in the symbols left by our forefathers, lurking in holy texts, and great works by those who lived in a day where you either loved your country or you didn’t; because you either dropped what you were doing (whether you were a skilled soldier, a priest, or a farmer) and fought for what you believed in; or you carried on in hopes of escaping the fallout.

It’s when you follow these trails that you see, not only have you been believing in the illusion of truth, but that you’re still knowingly contributing to it; that you either get ready for the fight or you carry on. The fight or fight flight response is another conditioning strengthened by our competitive nature. For many, this factor is not tested very much because maybe you live a “simple” life. However, escalations such as the kind we witnessed at Bundy Ranch, where the Constitution literally hung by a thread, and the nation was unaware of the brink of chaos they were breaching; leave me wondering about similar events on a global scale that we are unaware of.

If you consider that the technology we see today is a technology that the military has had for undoubtedly 20 years already, you might understand that technology is way more advanced than your average person is aware of. Sorry to bust your bubble, but the engineers of the military don’t just have a spark of technological genius and then decide to share with the civilian population without extensive years of research. If were getting it, it’s likely because the military has mastered and learned to control with it. Why do you think a video simulation is such a useful tool in training? Think of how perfected video gaming graphics and even other sensory related gimmicks have been added to what at one point would’ve been kids playing baseball outside, but is now time spent killing each other on hack-em-up video games? Don’t get me wrong, I love these games and tend to conquer sometimes, but I’m pretty savvy on my inability to stand the sight of real blood without passing out to know the difference between video world and what I like to call “reality.”

However, even that is only because I’m a stay-at-home mom in the sweet heart of Georgia, who for the most part doesn’t experience a lot of gunfights or high-speed chases. Then again—you don’t see me playing games like the Sims or Second Life, either. Similar video games or simulations are used in training soldiers. Why do you suppose that is? Well since most of the past two generations have grown up on video games, training using video simulators make a big impact while effectively severing the emotional bond for people by conveniently labeling enemies.

For soldiers though, the video simulators become reality. The veil of the screen is lifted, and the mind has been conditioned to perform an action. Without a doubt a large contribution to PTSD is the fact
that most soldiers act out of trained response to a stimulus. Afterwards is when they’ll be taken out of that environment and left with their inner self to answer to. The faces of those they engaged tend to have a haunting affect to any who let their mind wander uncontrollably. Why do you think there is medication that affects brain chemicals? Because what you can’t create on your own, can be provided for you… at a cost. Your continued support of the American government.

The inner self can be a strong adversary to face. It’s when you start questioning if you really love what you did, or if you loved the status. It’s this thinking that leads me to wonder, what exactly do we have to worry about with our own soldiers, and police, FBI, etc.… We’ve already been exposed to some of their conditioning and we see some are very aware of love of the job and love of the money, but how many would still refrain from pulling the trigger when the simulation is in action and when you are nothing more than a conveniently labeled enemy?

Recently there’s a video floating around on Facebook of some alleged terrorist getting shot from a helicopter. See below.

Now, most of us are cheering and touting off with ‘Merica!’not really knowing what it is we’re seeing. While any amount of research could probably dig up the details behind this video and why it would be in the hands of civilians, there will be questions as to what the soldiers doing the shooting felt in regard. Again, don’t think I don’t support our military. I do. I just know how they are used.

Now, I swore I wouldn’t touch on the sniper movie—and I won’t. Haven’t seen it, and I won’t. I won’t see it because I won’t participate with the machines conditioning me for and against warfare and controlling my feelings for my fellow man. What I will say, I have seen the propaganda for and against Chris Kyle. I don’t question whether he is a hero or not because that’s not for me to judge. Much of my knowledge of the guy came from one video. See below.

It got a lot of support while trying—I think—to be anti-Kyle. I wasn’t formulating an opinion on Kyle or the movie as much as I was attempting to get a general perception of military guys that could assassinate people—literally, look down the scope, possibly look into the eyes of their victim and pull the trigger. Most of my knowledge on this topic stems only from talking to former soldiers who’ve done these things. Most are suffering from PTSD, and some handle it better than others. They all have ways of dealing and talking or not talking about it, but every one of them will attest to doing it for the love of their country, for the people they knew or their children, and always for “America’s freedom.” Some of them are struggling with grasping the consequences of their “skill.” The ability to pull the trigger.

I don’t ask or push questions, I just let them talk. I listen without making judgment and mostly trying to decide if I should try to comfort or just listen. In the end, I always come to the question that many have asked more often than not in the recent years. These conversations led me to this understanding of what we’re really looking at when we ask ourselves if our own military will fire on us. Being no scientist or doctor of any credible nature, I can only offer opinions based on things I’ve seen and read. In particular, this video of Chris Kyle confirms my thoughts further when the interviewee explained that this soldier loved what he did and there was no target off-limits—woman, child—it did not matter. It is mentioned that he loved his terrifying nickname and attributed to the successful death of 160 “terrorists.”

To all of this I say, even the reaper didn’t “love” his job, because being the judge and executioner is a duty for no man. But it could be a job. And thanks to having a standing army… It is a job. The training for this job is simple—Kill the enemy. Do you think soldiers are trained to research why this is their enemy? When a bomber is called to coordinates, do you suppose the pilot has much to say about the inhabitants he’ll be unloading on? Does the gravity of the simulated event sink in, or has the emotion been trained out of these men and women?

Will a soldier pulled a trigger against Americans? Would it not depend on the government’s label of the American? If that label is “enemy” do you think you show up any differently on the screen than the white blobs getting into the truck? Do you think you’re faced  appears any different to your enemy when placed between the hairs of his scope? Well, if there’s people loving this job, then my guess is that it doesn’t. These guys don’t get paid to do research, they get paid to kill and kill well, and for the most part people like you and me will never hear of it. So enemies are killed (Go ‘Merica!) and life goes on unaware of whatever impending doom was going to happen.

As a nation losing more and more of our roots to the plague of damnation, I wonder what would spark America’s rising at this point? With a paid for military no one could truly grasp what it meant to fight for freedom. Until the expansion of the long-range missiles, the notion of a threat to our freedom relied on the enemy at least being on our soil. (There’s only one that I know of currently). How convenient that we created the very ability to build such devices. It’s even better that we have the ability to launch them with the push of a button, because kings don’t fight amongst themselves, they fight at the citizens. Much like the number of likes and shares you enjoy and compete for, so do the powers that sit on the throne at a desk with all kinds of buttons. The only difference is they get their numbers in casualties. And no one in the leading position on the screen is going to stop and ask why or what they are winning in the end, because it’s just a matter of who’s the best. So what happens when the enemy—the “terrorist” are us, and “love” exists only for the status?

It’s a difficult reality to linger on, but it makes me glad I write. I may not enjoy the research process for the time it consumes, but I love what I learned and what I can share with others. Although it takes time, it’s something I love to do and feel is worth investing my time in, although I don’t get paid. As writing is the skill I’ve been given to express my love, I go through the lengthy process of learning about my topic and the message that needs to be conveyed. In doing so, I’ve been exposed to a variety of material for and against every topic I addressed. For that, I gain knowledge and am capable of thinking circles around any boxes. The omni-perspective opens me to all kinds of insight.

More importantly, in a time where the digital revolution has already terminated cursive lessons in so
many schools, it’s only a matter of time before writing in general is not taught. We had a glimpse of the repercussions of that during the Trayvon Martin case when the girl couldn’t read the cursive letter.

What other traditions will be allowed to sink into the mortal abyss of unheeded warnings from history? I’m happy that I won’t let this one die. I don’t live in confusion of what “love” will drive us to do, and I don’t live in a delusional sense that it’s my duty to do anything, but love for my fellow man and give him what I can out of perfect love and trust. Since my words are all I have to give, I hope you will love them all the same, and if you will love them, take them to understand what they mean to you. Love for country or love for status? Which are you conditioned for? Just remember, all your material gains here can’t go with you when you die.

Will a US soldier pull the trigger against American enemy? Yes, and he’ll feel bad about it later. Time to untrain your mind, and stop living in the illusion that you mean anything to them. They don’t look at individual civilian casualties, they look at overall the damage, and you are just a number. In enemy in the crosshairs.